Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Our Miracle Child

By: Aaron and Candance


 If you have read thru my page you have seen how we call Caleb our miracle child but alot of people don't know our testimony behind this answered prayer. Hopefully someone that is reading this will be encouraged by what God has done for us and give you a little faith to keep trusting in God for whatever your heart desires.

We had tried for many years to have a child but it just never seem to happen. Family and friends around us were having children and though we were happy for them that longing inside just grew stronger and stronger. In June of 04 we found out that we were expecting our first child. We shared the joyful news with our family and friends that after many years of trying to conceive we were finally going to have a baby. Little did we know that in a few days God would decide that He needed our little one more than we did and that we would miscarry our baby. This brought alot of questions, emptiness and sadness into our lives but God knew what He was doing all along and we could have never imagined how He was going to give us a miracle and a testimony. So after the miscarriage we almost immediately began trying again but was still having a hard time conceiving. Several people in the church had talked to us about medical procedures that were available but we just trusted in God and wanted to make sure that when it happened all the glory and honor went to Him so we just kept trusting in Him. I will stop here and say that it wasn't always easy. There were so many ladies in the church having babies and several family members that discouragement always seemed to loom over head. Of course the enemy took this opportunity to let me know that God didn't love me and that is why he wouldn't give us this child. But I knew that the Word of God had so many promises for us that we just kept claiming them. So about 2 years after we lost our first child a lady in the church came to us and said that she knew a lady that was putting up her 2 children for adoption. There was a little boy that was seven and a little girl that she was due to deliver in about 2 weeks but we would have to give an answer ASAP. WOW!!! We had so many mixed emotions. We prayed about this but just felt that it was not God's will for us. So we just kept leaning on His Word.

In May of 07 I was approached by the Administrators of our Christian school and asked to come aboard and teach the kindergarten class. This was a big decision for us as it meant we would be giving up alot of income and insurance for Aaron and myself. We definitely would have to pray about this. On one hand this is my dream job. Since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of working in an Apostolic Christian school and now I had the opportunity, but on the other hand this was going to be a big financial change for us. I had been with the credit union for 9 years and God had blessed me with a great salary. So we began to pray and God spoke some sharp things to us and made it clear what our decision should be and that He would take care of us. Now a few days after being offered the teaching position my manager called me into her office to let me know that she was going to be transferring to another branch and that I had the opportunity to take her place. Another WOW!!! Were talking a promotion, a pretty large increase in salary and my own branch location. Of course this was a moment were I had to say God are you sure that I am making the right choice by giving this up, but God's reassurance and peace was there. So in July of 07 I left the credit union to become Souls Harbor Christian Academy's kindergarten teacher not knowing what God was about to do for us.

You see when I told Bro. Donnie & Sis. Brandi that I was going to take the job they said "well you never know, God might answer your prayer and give you a child for this sacrifice that you are making" and that is exactly what HE did. Caleb Alton Goodman was conceived on the first day of school and he was born on the last day of school. When God does it He makes sure that there is no question that it was a miracle. What a testimony that He has given us. To God be the Glory!!! You may not see what is up ahead, you may think that you can't survive the valley that you are in, you may feel like God doesn't love you or care about you but He does. Just keep trusting in God and have faith that He will come thru!!! The Word of God is your only promise and hope. The enemy will take every opportunity to try and pull you down. He will tell you so many things but you just claim the Word of God and call on the name of Jesus.

Well I could say so much more but I think that this long enough!!!