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There are many videos to choose from on here. Preaching, Teaching, Sign Language, Worship Music, and so much more. I hope you take the time to see all the great sources that are out there to uplift, change, and encourage you in your life. You can also check out our YouTube Channel Here.



Testimonies: Bro Arcovio prays for a little girl and she is healed!, Pastor Ebright giving his testimony of being HEALED OF CANCER.. Joshua Wilson testimony about drinking and driving, Vani Marshall's Testimony, Went from a HINDU praying to 2000 gods to an Apostolic Oneness Believer in Jesus Name!! ..Bro Greg McCools Delievered from drugs and alcohol, Bro Lee Stoneking's: A story about healing of his landlords. AMAZING! Healing believe it! And a story of a police officer being healed!, Man was healed as a crippled boy, Bro Stoneking's Testimony of how he came to the Pentecostal faith. Lee Stoneking shares his testimony of how God brought him back from the dead and healed him. Pastor John Russell tells a bit of his testimony about being delivered. It is amazing how God delivers and changes lives. John Arcovio preaches to 20,000+ in Pakistan witnessing thousands healed

Preaching: Brother DeCicco- "The eye of the storm" , "The Man In The Mirror", "The daffodil effect"..... Brother Jeremy Lang- Preaching on communion and foot washing, Josephs wagons brings Jacobs Revival.... Pastor Ebright- Teaching on Solemn Assembly, Powerful Service!, "Treading The Wine Press Alone"... Bro Rutledge- "Fight Fire with Fire"..... Brother Nathan Spite "Our purpose, Not allowing the flesh to overcome the Spirit"..... Missionary Tony Adams- God Loves The Underdog.... Pastor Nathaniel Haney- preaches on Being on Fire For God. Pastor Anthony Mangun- preaches on being baptized.. Sister Shara McKee- speaks on humbling yourself, speaks about encouraging yourself, Pastor Sam Emory- A short video "Pressure into Praise", Pastor Rob McKee- "Tell hell I'm getting back up", Bro Lee Stoneking- Theology study of Where do the Dead Go?, Detailed study on the book of Daniel and Revelation, What happens when you shout, Because of the times, The real thing, Gods choice for you, Trinty vs Jesus, Angels and Unusual things, Led by the Spirit...... Dr. Gerald Jeffers- Faith, Gods love in better than strong wine, The anointed Ministry VS the anointed Life, Yoked up with God, 5 Fold agenda of God and of Satan, Where is your head at?, Ultimate blow to the heart of God....... Bro Josh Herring- On a Date with Delilah...... Bro Matt Maddix- Daddy I do better when you encourage me..... Bro Mark Morgan- The Tale of two Tree's...... Bro Cory McCool- Unorthodox Faith...... Noel Jones- Singles Conference You have a purpose

Music, Worship, Praise: Casting Crowns, Hillsong, Katinas, Chris Tomlin, Pentecostals Of Alexanderia, Indiana Bible College, Dewayne Woods, Gaither vocal band, Prince of Egypt, Gateway College of Evangelism, Sister Vesta Mangun, Sister Priscilla McGruder, Jina and Cory McCool, Hymns, Songs with Lyrics, Katherine Howell, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Hear us from heaven, Surround me, Saved by grace, Breathe on me,The old Rugged Cross, in the garden, Id rather have Jesus, He brought me out, what a friend we have in Jesus, I surrender all, love lifted me, standing on the promises, give us clean hands, Philippine worship songs, Thank you Lord, Jesus I love you, I still believe, I cant even walk without you holding my hand, Lord Im waiting on you, When you believe, Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Stand on His word, From Heavens point of view, somebody prayed for me, IBC, Power in the name, unanswered prayers, for every mountian, oh how precious is the blood, nothing but the blood, shake the foundation of praise, I need you to survive, shout to the Lord, when I cry, Thank you lord for your blessings on me, Shout to the Lord, Majesty, I will give my all,  Because he Lives, He's an on time God, I have decided to follow Jesus, Just a little talk with Jesus, He set me free, Consider the lilies, God on the mountain, He touched me, Victory in Jesus, He's the only reason I live. "Jesus I'll Never forget"..."I feel like praising, praising Him"..."Make me in Your image, make me more like You." ..."I am a friend of God" ..."Oh How HE Loves Us!" ..."My soul says "Yes" to the Lord" ..."God is my refuge and strength"... "Oh Let us worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord."...  "Amazing Love" ..."Thanks, Thanks, I give You Thanks"... "Lord You're Welcome"...  "I love you I love you Lord today" ..."Jesus Lover of my soul"

Sign Language: Completely, He Knows My Name, "Thou Art God" by the Pentecostals of Katy Texas.. "Im sending the Fire" Video and Lyrics. Life Church Praise Sign Team United Pentecostal Church International UPC.. From Joliet, Illinois. AMAZING!!! There are no orphans of God,  Psalms 23, I'll Be praising you, The presence of the Lord is here, I want it all back, For every mountain, Orphans of God, We Must Praise, Because of who you are

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