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For prayer to be effective we must pray in faith and sincerity and not merely with memorized words (See Matthew 6:5-15; James 5:13-18).

"But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed". (Isaiah 53:5)  

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Power in the name of Jesus
Salvation in the name of Jesus
Healing in the name of Jesus
Everything I need
Protection in the name of Jesus
Deliverance in the name of Jesus
Freedom in the name of Jesus
Everything I need is in that name

I wish I would have known
About the cross, Your blood
Your tears, Your love
You did this for me
I went for so long
Wishing I would have been told
About how You love me so
I'll stand and testify
About the One who saved my life
Nobody greater and that's no lie
This is what I know and I believe it!
Prayer Request

We bind together claiming all these in the NAME OF JESUS!! Amen

Pray for those who have lost their jobs and seeking....

(6-7-2011 Stanley Canfield) Just got back from the doctor. I have been diagnosed with neck cancer. i will keep this post short & simple.. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.. plz keep praying for me. love you all very much.

(5-20-2011 Roy Lynn Smith)  My name is Roy Lynn Smith.  I am  a 31 year old male who has suffered with an addiction to meth amphetamines for approximately 10 years. I was recently released from county jail. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you

(5-18-2011 Tiffany Nicole Lynn) My name is Tiffany Nicole Lynn and I am 32 yrs old and I have had stomach problems since I was little and as I have gotten older they have gotten worse and the past couple weeks or so as soon as I open my eyes in the mornings I start hurting in my stomach so bad that it is severe pain and I can't take it and I want to kill myself when it hurts like that and I hate to even wake up in the mornings because of it.Please pray for me.Thank you so much! and Please pray for Destiny Parker to get over her depression and the other issues she is having within herself

(5-18-2011 Victoria Nuel) Please, held me to pray (1) that God should build a relationship between him and my husband, (2) God should give him the zeal to pray and serve and do the work of the Lord. (3) God should elevate me and help me financially and spiritually. (Thank you all) (4) There should be re-unification between my boss and his wife.

(5-13-2011 Robert Ball) Thank you for praying for me during this very difficult time in my family's life. My job caused my eye problems to return, which is very severe double vision. I went thru 3 eye muscle surgeries which in the end did not really help. I was forced out of my job because I could not return. I was able to apply for Social Security and was approved, but unfortunately this is not enough to pay for the mounting bills I have. So on the advice of my attorney he said that I just apply for workman's compensation because your job re-aggravated an old problem which was stable for a very long time.At this point the attorneys cannot make a decision because they are calling it pre-existing and cannot approve me for workman's comp. So the judge as to now get involved and do this, and it could take months, for his decision. I pray every day for a miracle, this has been going on since January of 2009, when I first went in for my first eye surgery. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, and I know there is power in prayer, if more than one person prays for you, so please pass this along to others who are willing to pray for my situation. All I want is to be able to provide for my family, and not lose everything because I cannot pay my bills. I love my family dearly, and I believe with God all things are truly possible.Thank you all God Bless you…Robert Ball

(5-7-2011 Chaundra) Hi my name is Chaundra and i need prayer for me and my family they are not close with each and that makes me feel sad and lonely also please pray for my mom to have back surgery so she can walk again and i need a financial blessing my lights going to get cut off on may 16 and my car needs to be fixed im stressed out and the devil is trying to take me down but im not goin to let him please pray for me.

(5-5-2011 Counter) Without going into all the details, the Lord knows what they are, I am requesting prayer for my wife's and my marriage. That it be reconciled, healed, restored, and opens up a new chapter in our lives where we can do good for others. My wife wants a divorce, I do not. I am pleading w/ God for the restoration of our relationship, and if its HIS WILL, we can become closer, and not distant or cold. Oh Lord Jesus, forgive our sins, and Bless us as we attempt to live for you in this life. Lord, heal our hearts and minds, so that we continue within YOUR WILL, and not that of our own. In Jesus Name, AMEN...

(5-4-2011 Susan Gofman) Please pray for me that the lord will restore and save my marriage. Our 2 kids are devastated and I love my husband dmitriy very much. Full restoration in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

(4-12-2011 Sharon Bell) please please pray for my husband has been in the sin of adultery with a woman almost a year now. I love the lord very much. My husbands name is Aaron Bell, we have been married for twenty one years. Please pray that he stops seeing her that she (Tonya Dabbs) turns her back on him, gives her life to the Lord. That our marriage is restored, that my husband falls in love with me all over again. God bless you. Please remember me in your prayers, My name is Sharon Bell

(4-4-2011 Monica) Please join with me in a prayer to my fiance. Please pray for him so that he can be saved and turn to Jesus.

(3-20-2011 Anyika Nnaemeka Arinze) Please I need your prayers, my sister name Blessing Arinze have been seriously sick for past month now, she is now with oxygen, the doctor said her two kiddiny's have fail, so we're looking upon God, because he's the one who have the final say. May the Lord Almighty God send his word n' heal my sister in Jesus name amen.

(3-9-2011 Melvina) My Name is Melvina and I would like prayer for my husband Kenneth and our marriage. I pray for a miracle and complete restoration, and that kenny would forgive me of my past faults and that his heart and mind would return back to me. I pray for strength, healing, unconditional love, peace, and unity. I would like you to believe with me and help me declare that no weapon formed against me or my marriage will prosper and that God's word will not, cannot, and shall not return to me void. In Jesus name we pray Amen

(3-3-2011 Marc) Prayer from Marc: I ask, will you Please keep my brother Rick Laurel in prayer. He has blood cancer thank you...

(3-1-2011 Steve) My name is Steve and I have one request. That I can relax. I've been looking for work and also dealing with another issue and frankly I could use some plain relexation. I think I'll have work soon so I'm not so concerned about that but this other issues also has got me so wound up that I can't sleep and I'm not at ease.

(2-25-2011 Kimberly) Please pray for me. My name is Kimberly. I am 28 years old. I have been through alot in my life. I come from a non Christian home but I am a born again believer now yet still have doubts. I really need alot of prayer. I want to trust and believe God 100% that if the word says it, then it is true! I want to believe that Gods promises are for me.

(2-24-2011 Sonya)  Please pray for our marriage of 11 years. Pray that my husband will get saved and want God in his life and in our marriage.  We need a miracle to save us, save this relationship, this marriage, this family. Help build a strong Loving relationship in the name of Jesus.Thank you for your time.

(2-5-2011 Betty) I need a supernatural breakthrough in every area of my life and also restoration of a friendship were there was a misunderstanding.

(1-4-2011 David and DeyraI am requesting prayer to save my marriage and stop the divorce. I pray that god saves my husband and gives me comfort through these hard times. In Jesus name I proclaim that my marriage will be restored.

(1-2-2011 Chris) I was recently on staff at a church plant that failed.  After a brief time of getting reset, God has called me back into the ministry.  The enemy is opposing me every step of the way.  Please pray for God to provide a position, a good position with a great fit.  Please pray for protection for me and my ministry in the meantime

(1-2-2011 Valentino) Praise the Lord!! I am seeking for someone to pray in agreement with me as I fast. I am in need of a FINANCIAL MIRACLE! I am currently unemployed (laid off) after holding a job for 13 years. I am living with friends, my car is repossessed, I owe family members & I owe the IRS! I need nothing short of a miracle. Please pray for me in JESUS  NAME  and CONFESS the word with me "If you have faith as small as a grain of mustard seed you will say to this mountain MOVE, and it will move" Matthew 17:20. Thank You & May GOD Bless you all!!

(11-24-2010 Arnold) My son is 10 years old and needs prayer for he is in the hospital right now and not doing good,  he is taking a lot of meds right now. They told me that he has adhd, odd, and bipolar. I believe God can bring my son out of this!

(11-23-2010 Juan) I would like everyone to pray for my brother Luis to be delivered from drugs IN JESUS NAME!!

(11-22-2010 Scott) I need prayer  and comfort along with my family. My younger sister who was going to be turning 21 on Thanksgiving died in a car accident the other night. Her car went off the road, hit a tree and it burst into flames. Thank You. 

(11-14-2010 Cambree) Could you please keep me in your prayers. I'm going through a horrible trial. I need God to perform a miracle. 

(11-17-2010 Diaz Family) A Prayer for Junior. He was removing a garage door and the spring flew off and ripped the side of his face and lip apart. They are not sure if his jaw is broken now or not. Pray he is able to get the help he needs and it heals up with no difficulties. 

(11-14-2010 Tiffany) my name is Tiffany..i would like for yall to pray for much has gone wrong in the past two parents split up a couple months family is torn completely brother moved to texas tuesday. my momma is moving to new york thursday. my car keeps messing up.. i put off my car note this week to get the radiator fixed. now, its leaking somewhere else. my nanny died friday, her funeral is tomorrow.. and since church thursday night, i feel like im in a spiritual im in a box and like Gods somewhere else, you know? its like HES blocked off from me.. just, like all this stuff keeps happening, its one thing after another and its not stopping.

(11-15-2010 Timothy) My sister and I need a job. Today my family in general needs your healing touch and your guiding hand through every trial that comes our way. IN JESUS NAME!

(11-9-2010 Diana) An emergency unspoken prayer request, dealing with life & death.

(First Apostolic Church of Mishawaka Indiana, For Pastor Ebright 11-2-2010) Pastor Gene Ebright had an MRI done on 11-2 and they found cancer in his spine. He is in MUCH pain. Please keep him, his family, and our church in your prayers. He needs wisdom, strength, healing and deliverance IN JESUS NAME! (Jeremiah 32:27 I am the LORD; is there anything to hard for Me?)

(Carolyn 10-25-2010) Please pray that my struggles  will soon disappear that I may have peace of mind, and that the mountains that prevent me from prospering will soon vanish. That my walk with god will be the best walk I've ever taken.. I need you to place a miracle in my life. I need my enemies and my mountains moved. I need help to focus, protection for my kids the ones I love.

(Anonymous 10-23-2010) My wife has been in the battling cancer for more than a year. Her only hope of survival now is a miracle from GOD. I (her husband)have been caring for her since July as her condition is worsening. We have prayed. Her symptoms have worsened and I am finding my faith shaken to the core. I know healing is available from what I read in the word. I just don't know why she has not been healed after so much suffering. I ask that GOD deleiver her from death, which is at our door, and give her a story of glorious deliverance instead of embarrassing defeat.In the name of Jesus.

(Justin 10-14-2010) I would like to ask everyone to pray for me to get this job that I had an interview for today, also I just had a recent divorce and that I would like to ask people pray for a reunification!! Thank you

(Charlotte 10-6-2010) My husband (Farai) has left home to stay with another woman for 5 months now and I pray his return. Please pray that my husband will love me again and come back home. My daughter ( Takkea) misses her dad very much. Please pray that my husband and I will grow closer to God and trust him and that God will deliver us.

(Shannon 10-5-2010) Please pray that He would cause everything causing evil and harm in my life to be removed and that Jesus would cover me with His Holy Spirit and be my protection. Please cancel all the enemies plans for me and plead the BLOOD of Jesus over me and speak life over my situation and believe with me for my deliverance. That his Blood would be my covering and serve as a barrier against any evil source or power trying to affect me. That Jesus would save me from some serious situations too big for me. Thanks for praying and believing with me.

(Les 9-29-2010) please pray, my wife has left me, the 1st of sept. we let our walk w/ christ slip after we moved to another town, she has listened to ungodly female co-workers, i do not even know where she is as she transfered to another city,pray for her salvation and that god will open her eyes and restore our marriage. thank you

(Melody 10-3-2010) Please pray for a friend of mine, Cherylene shes got serve infections in her lungs  and she got high blood pressure. AND pray for our cleaning and trading company. It feels like there is alot of blockage that keeps the company from prosperity from growing from getting jobs from financial growth and also pray for the ladies running the company for wisdom, understanding, and for protection against every evil spirit that come up against us. Thank you...

(Christopher 8-8-2010) I need help. I need guidance. I need the lord to guide me the whole way. I need my family back home with me. Please ask that my family return home(my wife left me 8-5-2010) that I have the chance to show that I am a changing man. Ask that god use his power for this to happen to bless me. I do believe in miracles.

(Shannon 8-4-2010) Please pray that my husband will leave alcohol and adultery and come home to me and my 7 year old. ....... UPDATE!!!!! 8-7-2010 Thank you all for your prayers. My husband called today to see if he could go to church with us tomorrow. Please continue praying that he will come home to me and my 7 year old and break free from adultery and alcoholism.

(Christopher 7-10-2010) I went to the doctor yesterday for a consultation on bloodwork I had done yesterday. The prognosis is that my kidney function has suffered slightly due to my diabetes. I have to go back in 2 weeks fo rmore tests. I'm asking for prayer that the results would be good. And not require further treatment. UPDATE 8-8-2010: I had the bloodwork done on Wed 8-4-2010. and received word back Fri. afternoon. There's still reduction in kidney function. I can not use anything that contains ibuprofen in it and also have to see a kidney specialist soon. KEEP PRAYING FOR ME.

(Anonymous 7-14-2010) My uncle has stage 4 cancer. They say he will pass away in 1-3days. Keep him and the Metz family lifted in prayer. Thank you. UPDATE: My unlce passed away 2 weeks later. Longer than what the DR's expected. Thank you for all your prayers.

(Mandi 8-8-2010)Please Lord I beg for your intervention to restore my marriage, Lord please touch my husband Michael's heart and soften it to you and me. I beg your forgiveness and his for the pain I have caused and in so doing have pushed him away. Lord please turn his heart back to me to give me the chance to work on being the wife I should be. Please strengthen me and guide me to do your will. You are the author of marriage and I trust in you Lord to put your arms around us to build a union in your glory. Please Lord take the thoughts of separation away from him. God in heaven, please heed all these prayers. Please continue to pray for strength and guidance to weather this storm. I beg God's forgiveness for my sins and failings and to mold me to His will to be the wife my husband needs and deserves. Amen

(Ruth 8-7-2010)Please keep me in your prayers as I am facing surgery to prepare for dialysis. I am in stage 4 renal failure.God has given me an incredible peace about my health problems.Thank you.

(Joyce 8-7-2010) Having a 2nd mammogram on Tues(8-10-2010)....PRAY they will find nothing....& PRAY that GOD will replace my FEAR with MORE FAITH....Thanks...

(Rita 7-27-2010) My grandma(Mrs.Ghana Soundari) is suffering from severe bedsore.Her BP was low and pulse was going down.She was not able to drink or take food.Doctor said we cant cure bedsore.Please pray to god to heal my grandma bedsore and releive her from severe pain. Please pray to god to forgive her sins and to heal from this sickness

(Pamela 7-16-2010) Please pray for me. Pat. My 5 kids.and 13 Grandkids. THE TOP THING IS THAT WE ARE ALL READY WHEN JESUS COMES.

(Margaret. 7-13-2010) please pray for our family. We are having a hard time financialy. We have over a thousand dollars in bills so far this month and hardly have the money to pay them. I know GOD works miracles so I could use the most prayer as possible. One more thing could you please pray for my daughter and myself that we have the will and power to lose weight. This effects both of us a lot. My daughter is only 11 and weighs 160 and Im 265 .PLEASE PRAY FOR US! THANK YOU SO MUCH and THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR  PEOPLE LIKE ME. 


(Belinda 7-12-2010) I do not know where to begin, it seems like everything in my life has gone wrong. I have been unemployed since Oct 2009 and have not been able to find a job. Then yesterday, a relationship ended with someone who I really felt deep inside was my soulmate. I constantly say the Serenity Prayer and I ask God to open his arms to me and I place myself in his arms to get me through this trying time. I also ask God to place my broken heart in his hands to heal it. It just seems like I cannot get a break. I am a good person and help anyone I can always putting others before myself, so I am questioning what I have done wrong in my life. I need prayers to help me through this I really feel that I am at my end. I have no one to turn to for support and I am desperately hurting inside. Please pray for me.

(Jim 6-23-2010) I would like you to pray for GOD's miracle in my families life. The love of my life my wife has left and filed for divorce. We have 2 small children. We have been together for 6 and a half years and we have had a troubled 2 years with my pre-teen daughter and my wifes medical issues that I feel has affected her hormones and emotions. Please pray that she will turn totally back to GOD and his laws and allow GOD to open her heart and eyes to the long term pain this divorce will cause for us and our children emotionally. Please pray for devine intervention and miracle from GOD to allow her to stop this divorce, move back home and work through our problems with Christs help. I feel the devil has had a strong hold on her and I pray for him to flee.

Hi I would like you to pray for me & my childrens father we have two kids I love him & want him to become my Godly husband and for God to open financial doors for us too cause we really struggling we have been together for 9 years and have a lot of ups and downs he is seeing someone else as well I pray for God to open his heart and eyes to the pain his causing me and his kids.Thanks (Danielle 6-3-2010)

(Lisa 6-13-2010) I do have a prayer request. My dad is in the hospital again and i am very worried he is very sick.

(Janet 6-4-2010) need prayer. my husband is down, because he just got on his feet after being out of work for almost a yr. and was used as a fill in for two months at a job that he was told was his. they let him go today.

I could use any prayers that anyone would be willing to make for me. Thank you (6-2-2010 Brett)

A young man Tylor, Senior at Jimtown high school in Elkhart Indiana was killed.

Prayer Request for  me  (Jobby) and my wife (Anisha) Request for :Marriage Restoration Lord Jesus I pray to reunite me and my wife,Help me Jesus I love my wife and I don’t want to lose her. Recently my wife told her parents that she doesn’t need me anymore and her parents  has registered a law suit against me and my parents in the family court  for almost 19.5 Lakhs of rupees which consist of 750 gm of Gold and 10 Lakhs of rupees in cash which we have not taken from my wife or her parents, This is  a Lie which my Jesus knows it. I forgive my wife and I am ready to except her in all the situation because I love her unconditionally and I need her back in  my life. (jobby 4-12-2010)

My fiance and I are staying fortyfive minutes apart. He has had cervical fusion. SSI owes him a great deal of money. We have four children.   Im sleeping on a matress at a relatives home. I have some health issues ss well. We are askin prayer that the funds be released so we can move ahead with or family. We are being blessed with a home and another car. In which they said they would hold til we get ouf funds to pay.Today is 4-25-2010. In Jesus name we pray to be blessed.

I need prayer for a friend who is being deceived into sexual temptations and wickedness by someone she knows. This is an older woman who is deceiving my friend who is only 25yrs and she needs her heart turned back to God to turn away from this wickedness. (4-25-2010 D.)

I am asking for God to heal my marriage and restore it. My husband does not think he loves me anymore and he feels divorce is the way to go. I am committed to my marriage and love him. I need God's intervention. thank you.(Colleen 2-11-2010)

Please pray for my wife and myself.  My wife desperately needs a job.  If things
don't turn around soon, we are going to have to file for bankruptcy. (3-11-2010 Dave)

Please pray for my car as well as my family. Lately I have had really bad anxiety and normally I am a very happy and bubbly person.  Please pray that I can find my confidence and strength again. Please pray to let the light shine back in my life. (Jennifer 2-26-2010)

Pray for our church , we are about to move in to a bigger building in the next few months. The church is being greatly attacked. Please keep The Christian Revival Center in East Chicago In. in your prayers. Thank You (Ted 3-7-2010)

I would like healing from fear and panic. I also need a job.Pray that Jesus will reveal his perfect will for my life. (2-13-2010 Jarrell)

Thanks for updating us about your ministry. Susan is my life long friend from school and has heart and liver problems.Please pray for Susan Dicapo (2-13-2010Gary L. Adams)
I am writing to ask for a prayer request in regard to a man named Bill. Please pray with me for his salvation, and for those in his life who don’t know Jesus. Bill needs release from addictive vulnerabilities, depression, and is in danger of influence by unbelievers. Please ask the Lord to surround Bill with believers who can minister to him. Also pray for his physical healing. (Sarah 2-13-2010)
I am asking prayer for a healing for my son who is very sick and in much pain. His panaceas is destroying itself and they don't know why and I also need prayer about starting a home daycare so that I can be home to take care of him instead of leaving him while I go to work and I am having many problems with my knees causing me much pain when I walk and I am also praying to receive the Holy Ghost. Thank you (2-13-2010Sherry)
Keep my pastor in prayer his blood count has been low we need a miracle hes on bed rest ty !  (2-12-2010 bro ruiz)

I get attacked by spirits in my mind and emotions. I don't want to think evil. I often am not able to tell what is my thoughts and emotions or what are the enemy spirits. It is like they are trying to take over my body. Jesus died for my sins, I don't understand why this is happening. I need God to remove all this and heal me! (Jessica 2-6-2010)

Young man needs a miracle healing from retinitis pigmentosa. It is a  degenerative eye disease that is keeping him from pursuing his studies in  physical therapy. (1-1-2010 Stanley, Watkinsville, GA)

Don's brother Robert Edwards passed away 3 days ago. Thank God he had the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name but please keep his family in your prayers for comfort during this time. He was 63yrs...

Please continue to pray for my chemical imbalance. My illness is bipolar, type 1 (1-28-2010 Gary) and my youngest brother, Kent Zellers on your prayer list for ~ a job opportunity and for help with marital problems ... and one last thing ... Please add Glen and Louise Zellers, my mom and dad ...My dad has alzheimers, and that they both get into the right nursing home, and that they both get closer to God ... Thank you...

Please pray for my husband, Ray, for a job.  He has been unemployed for almost a year now and we are in desperate need of him to find a job. I know that God has something out there for him, but we are starting to get behind on our bills and are getting a little frustrated.  Thank you and God Bless! (1-12-2010) 

I have just been struggling to maintain. I feel so burnt out. I try to do what God wants me to, but it seems like we aren't growing and it is frustrating. Then I question if it is what He wants at all. I also, in my feebleness, question everything else that is going on in my life. I love Him and refuse to give up, but I do get down! God bless! Thanks again! (11-5-09, Karen)

Needing prayer for my family. My sister was just involved in a bad situation and she could be in danger now so she needs protection. Help through this hard time. For my husband to start coming back to church. For my sister to start going back to church. (11-16-09, Carrie)

I need prayer for myself and the trial I am facing. I cant seem to pray for myself. I need encouraged. (Phillip, 11-2-09)

Well because of the economy, my parent's business has suffered. Please pray that their business will prosper again. And please pray that I become better at using my time wisely. (11-5-09, Tuan)

I need victory over temptations and a daily made up mind to follow the Lord. Strength, wisdom, and compassion. A heart to reach out to those hurting. Financial blessings so I can be a blessing to others. In Jesus name(Jacob, 11-2-09)

Pray for all the families facing financial difficulties now....

Please, support me in prayers:
FOR COMPLETE RECONCILIATION with my loved one SHULE. That SHULE DOES NOT GET INVOLVED INTO ANY NEW RELATIONSHIP, but that we MEET and TALK, THAT GOD FORM LINES OF GOOD COMMUNICATION BETWEEN US, KEEP US IN HIS CARE and HELP US TO WORK OUT ALL PROBLEM. THAT WE START AGAIN, OFFICIALLY GET MARRIED AND HAVE MANY CHILDREN! God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL! Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it. (Kaca from Belgrade in Serbia 1-26-2010)

Full custody of my daughter so that I can raise her in church and for financial aid to be able to go to college full time not having to work also so I can be there for my daughter(I am the only Godly example in her life outside of church)and devote to my studies.(Bro Walt 11-1-09)

Pascual and his family to be baptized in Jesus name, receive the holy ghost, and a financial blessing to provide for the family. (11-1-09)

Prayer for comfort in lonely times(11-17-09 Robbie)

A few important situations that need to be fixed and done with quickly. Protection and financial blessings IN JESUS NAME. And for God to provide me with the right woman to marry and for me to be the husband she needs (11-1-09, B)

Strength to continue to raise my two daughter in the church. Spitiual wisdom to understand things that are going on in my life.   (Pauline 9-15-09)

Strength to get through the trial Im going through. (Joe, 11-2-09)

Praying for Pastor Ebright and his wife.

Has bone cancer and needs prayer for her and her family (4-16-09 sharon)

Broken marriage---Prayer for son and daughter in law thinking about divorce,anger and teenagers involved. (5-3-09 vscott)

Would love for everyone to pray that during the next 7 weeks of training (boot camp) i stay strong in my faith and that the lord would keep me protected from any physical harm. (David 5-16-09)

My Grandpa (Charles Sifford) just found out 2 weeks ago that he has Mesothelioma a type of lung cancer that forms from asbestos. Doctors say that the cancer has gone into his bloodstream. Wednesday we will find out how far the cancer has spread. He needs a miracle in his life, and salvation more than anything. I appreciate all of your prayers. May God Bless you all!! (3-30-09 Ashley)

Marriage troubles..Brent needs deliverance from alcohol. Mandy needs comfort and direction. The Lord can do a miracle for this family. (Salvation, direction, and deliverance 3-28-09)

My wife turned really cold on God and the church and walked out on me. im not asking for prayer so much for me as i am my nine year old daughter although i could really use it too. (4-14-09 Clifton)

Praying for all the men and women in the armed forces who are in other countries....

My 2month old niece Jyra, has a small hole in her heart. SHE NEEDS A MIRACLE. (3-21-09  Bill Goodwin)

We are praying for Larry, his wife, his brother, kids, and grandchildren who are from Alaska. Ran into Larry while eating out. He was here in town because of a death in the family. Sat and chatted with him and had prayer. What a wonderful time. May the Lord bless him and his family in Jesus name. (July 2009)

I would like everyone that reads this to remember in prayer. i have recently became disabled and unable to work and am in the process of trying to get my disability its been a long process and i desire prayer. God Bless (3-27-09 Troy)

Pray for revival in our cities, states, and country....

My husband and I have been praying for a child for more than six years.i just ask everyone to pray for us.thanks so much and may GOD bless you all and my prayers are with you(Gracey 3-25-09)

For strength to continue what the Lord has called me to do. To see things the way God sees them. To grow spiritually and for wisdom to be a help to others. In Jesus name. Thank you. (anonymous 3-28-09)

 We need a financial blessing so we can bless others. My family will find a church we feel comfortable in. God will bless us with a miracle baby and we will physically be healed for this take place. Jesus name , AMEN (Cyndi 3-28-09)

Let us always keep Pastor Mendenhall and his family in our prayers....

My Aunt Janie really needs prayer. We just found out that her husband is having another affair with another girl. This family needs prayer. They also have a little girl who is 6 years old that is hurting over this situation to.(Erika 3-21-09)

Caitlin(16yrs) was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia... She needs a special touch from God and HEALING!!!! we know God can do it... LORD TOUCH HER BODY IN JESUS NAME... Her mom and grandma is also backslid from God. We pray that God will remove the blinders from their eyes for them to come back to God(3-21-09)

 Healing for my mind and wrist. Safety in my upcoming career, blessings on my family and friends. (Heather PA, 3-21-09)

 Hard times concerning Job. (Special request from Erica for Mike 3-21-09)

 Michael needs a blessing from the Lord to help pay a $6,000 schooling bill..Has a desire to go into special forces of the Army. I want God's will. Need God to open up the doors and direct his path  (3-25-09)

I need prayer for my 20 yr old daughter. She is having trouble with her finances and people she is living with. Her car was wrecked by a friends mom and she doesn't have a good job or money to buy a new car. Also she is having female medical problems and has been told she cannot have children. (Tammera 2-21-09)

Praying for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and direction for everyone.

Please Pray for Tyra. She is a young woman facing diabetes (Healing 1-18-09)

A strong sense of direction and purpose. im am at a crossroads in my life and am not sure where to go from here. (Bro. Charles 3-27-09)

My mother Virgina Lee Sherman is in need of prayer. She has shingles and she is on pain medicine right now and could take up to two months to get better. (2-24-09 Larry Hess<-this is my dad)

My Aunt Janie really needs prayer. We just found out that her husband is having another affair with another girl. This family needs prayer. They also have a little girl who is 6 years old that is hurting over this situation to. (3-21-09 NEEDS HELP)

Pray for our youth today who are being faced with many trials that are stealing them away from living right before God.  (1 Peter 5:8)

Pray for our new President Barak Obama (Romans 13:1-2)

We just found out tonight, on my daughters third birthday, that she has a congenital heart defect called PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) And requires surgery to fix. I am a complete mess. please please pray for my baby girl. Shawna - (1-16-09)

My mom backslid from church and needs prayer (Molly 3-21-09)

A friend of mine just found out she has brain cancer and needs healing (Rachel 3-21-09)

My Aunt Christine is a diabetic and is on dialysis. Pray she is healed of this. (Roger 3-21-09)

Nikki needs direction, her eyes open, and to hear God concerning life situations and that she is led in a direction to please God.  (3-21-09)

Healing for the Aldrich Family In Jesus name (3-21-09)

Bud (Special Unspoken Request 3-21-09)

Pray for all of us to have a forgiving heart so that God will forgive us. (matt 6:14-15)

My ankle!!!!!!!!!!!!im ready for it to heal, sprained it on a trampoline 3 months ago, still hurts. (Scott 1-16-09)

Aaron Champagne (Salvation and Healing)

Steve and Danny are reaching out in the town Chatham, Illinois. Pray that God will use them to reach people in that town and that God will open peoples hearts and ears in Jesus Name (3-21-09)

There is nothing like seeing your younger sisters pull away from God after non stop prayer has went out for them for so many years. I just want them to get back in church and do what is right and stop doing the things of this crazy world. They still have a chance to go back to God cause its never to late. Help me pray for them. It is much appreciated. Thank You. God Bless. (1-16-09 Merinda Arkansas)

Peace For Isreal (Gods Chosen People)

Pray for those who have backslid from God

Romeo and Alisha Rodriguez

Cindy and Larry and Family (Healing and salvation)

Chris and Brandy and Kids (Salvation)

Jenny and Josh and expecting Baby (Healthy Baby Girl Born Feb 11th, 2009)

Ginger and BIll Harvery and Their Family

Rolando's Father (Salvation)

Robbie, Chris, Eric, and Caleb, Rob and Robin Pedzinski

Grandpa Frank and Sue, Aunt Stacie and Uncle Billy, Uncle Franky

Family in Guatemala (David)

Joy and Ian and Their Families

Garret Lockhart and Family and Friends (Salvation)

Matt Hershberger (Prayer for his fiance) and His family (Salvation)

Matthew Dernier (special unspoken request)

Cressy and Family (Salvation)

David Freeze and Family

Jonathan Healy and Family

Robyn and Jonathan (in Arkansas)

Brad Hoffman and Family

Alice Carpenter

Miracle and Her family (Friend in Arkansas)

Todd Porter

KC and Family

Ron Holland and Family

Lisa and Family

Martin Spears and Family (special unspoken request)..Praying for his friend Gary and his new wife that they have a blessed marriage.

Tim P. and Family (Direction, Salvation, Peace)

Tim Eash and Family

Ryan (JR)

Gary Sauter and His Family (Salvation)

Jim and Ruth Looney

Roy Harris and Family

Chubb and Gwenn and Family

Nick, Shari, Bob, Bailey

Anthony From Chicago

John and HIs Wife

Shane, Michelle, Wendy, Kids and Family

Kairos Ministry, thats the offical Name of the ministry, The work we are doing for the Lord.

My mom, brother his wife and family. My dog and two cats. As well as my brothers three dogs and three cats.

Brother Paul and his daughter Lisa is really in bad shape. His son Paul who is a border partol agent needs salvation as well.

Brother Harry

Efrain and Nora and family

Brother Bobby needsto come back to the Lord

Brother Eli and His wife and new born son

The church we started in Pomona, Ca Centro Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer and its Pastor Adolfo Alvarado and family.

Brother Johnny and his mom, dad, and siblings

Sis. Naara, she is the ministry coordinator and her family

Sis. Sonia Reyes and Family

Pastor Jesse and Diana Gomez

Pastor Paul and Cecilia Garza

Sis. Raquel Salas, Ministry staff and her family

Sis. Terre Rojas and her family. She is also part of the ministry staff.

Brother Sandro and Becca and family, they are also part of the ministry staff. 

Brother Angel and Nora Salas and family, as well they are part of the ministry staff.

Brother Hector and Sylvia Martinez and family. Ministry staff as well.

Evangelist Joe Lupercio and family

Dr. Hernan, He travels with me when Im in Mexico. Praying for a wife.

Sis. Maria and family

Sis. Antonia Garza and family

Brother Jesse Aguilar

Brother Freddie and family.

Church in Reynosa, Mexico. Jesus in Samaria Church

Church being raised up in Mcallen, Abundent life Church

Lori Martinez, (Salvation)

Josh and Sara Ojeda, Newly weds

Pastor Pereti and wife Ruth and congregation

Brother Julian

Sis Nidia and family

Sis. Brenda and family

Sis. Alta Gracia and family

Sis. Sonia and signing ministry

Pastor David Galviz and Wife. Both are up in age and have been ill.

Robert and Esmeralda Banda

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