Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26

How has Breaking Free Ministry impacted your life? What have you enjoyed about the Ministry? How do you feel about what we have to offer? Share with others how you enjoy this Ministry. Thank you and Bless you all in Jesus Name!

Thank you for listening, for being there, for caring, and for reaching out to me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. I hope that you continue to allow the Lord to flow through you. Thank you - Sergio


"No thank you! Over the last 8 months it seemed like the Breaking Free Text always came at the right time and related directly to what I was going through at the time. I'm awed and inspired at how that could happen considering we've never met and you dont know me" - From Sean

Truly an awesome ministry !! - Rachel

Got to quickly check the site out and it looks wonderful! Keep up the great work and wonderful ministry! - Jeffery

I appreciate your prayers! I am praying for you as well. I love you too! It is soo good to have sisters in Christ!! Thanks for the info on your Website. I love IBC music. - Candice

Great Job with the Ministry Page! I love what your doing! - Freddie

Breaking Free Ministry has been a big blessing to me. Thank you. - Thomas

This web sight is such a blessing to me... I just love it. - Deborah

Hey!! Just wanted to say how awesome Breaking Free text to land line messages are awesome. It is so cool, they always seem to come at the right moment! Not kidding, each`s always a scripture that i need at that very moment. Keep up the good work, you are doing an awesome job! love ya!:D -  Carrie

I like this ministry page. Its where Gods people can pray for each others needs. - Ricky

I am listening to the whole set of Bro Mark Morgan's videos and have to say thank you for sharing them!!! GREAT PREACHING!!!! - Reba

I really like viewing your website BreakingFreeMinistries...- Maria

I'm so glad to have you In my life. Continue allowing GOD to use you. For it is beautiful, & it's also a benefit for our souls. GOD Bless you continually. Para Siempre. In JESUS name. = ) - Sergio

You are such a blessing! Love You! - Molly

Thank you for praying for my wife...she is sleeping like a baby now! :-) May the Lord richly bless you and your family, In Jesus Name - William

May god bless and protect you...I admire everything you're doing for us...a lot of us are so lost, and don't know where to turn, or what to do...thank you for being there.- Bixbi

Keep up the good work - Adam

Thank you so much for Praying for us! I REALLY was touched by what you posted on my wall!! love ya in jesus name! - Freddie

Thank you , Sis. Yesterday your text brought me to tears. I got a revelation on one of the Scriptures you sent me. Psalm 143:1 "Hear my prayer, O LORD, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness. " A lot of times we go thru those dry valleys and really wonder if God is hearing us bcuz we feel we haven't read the Bible enough, or fasted enough, or prayed enough...whatever the reason may be. But God showed me that even though sin will cause Him to turn His ear away, our righteousness is not why He gives ear to us. It's bcuz He is faithful and He is righteous. Yes, He wants us to walk in His righteousness, but His mercy and love for us causes those answers to break forth. I love YOU Jesus! and I love you too. - Sister Janet

I enjoy reading your posts... you are very talented and very involved with the things of God. That is great that you are reading the Bible through in a year and also using your Spanish. I haven't yet visited your breaking free ministry website, but think that is so great that you are working for the Lord. God bless! ~Sis. Lisa

You're awesome Sister, keep that Fire burning. I will put together my testimony for you, take care and God Bless.-  Brother Carl

Thank you. You have an awesome website. Be Blessed in Jesus Name. There are no accidents with Jesus. I needed your site. - Christie

Just wanted to say that you inspire a lot of people with your work. - Shane

Blessings to ya,...I appreciate what your doing,...I am impressed with it,...God is gonna use you,...keep up the good work - McKemy

Thanks for the texting ministry it has come in and encouraged me at some awesome times. God Bless you and we are praying for that ministry. God Bless- Eric

You're an inspiration. I love this site. I want to leave my testimony on this website. You are a GOD send. - Scott

Thanks for that uplifting text sister, you dont know how much your ministry has blessed me. It seems when I am down the most you send words of encouragement. Thanks - Donna

I dont think you are aware of the impact you are having on others, or how many of your texts have been "on time". God bless and keep the faith - Phillip

Wow I checked out a little bit of your web site ,I love it,encouraging and a great ministry , what a blessing, I look forward to reading more of the testimonies and praise reports ,Lord bless you and this ministry ,sister Tricia

Very good text message today. You scare me how you always send ones that match issues I have going on lol . TY -  Brandy

Please continue to send me the text messages. They are so helpful because they seem to mirror the problems I am having and get me through them. Thank You - Stacey

Your Ministry of encouragement is great. Do not lose your focus. You never know when someone needs to hear from God, and God uses you in the gift of wisdom and knowledge. TY - Nathaniel

Everything you have sent to me lately has been so right for that moment!! Thank you again - Eric

I have to tell you that it seems that when you send your texts out they are at the moment I need them the most. I was very sad earlier today because of my father who is not going to live another day and you sent me that text and it touched my heart. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. You never send them at the same day but it is always the right time when you send them and I thank you so much for all you are doing. - Julio

In your website, i found the story of Sis. Nona waving her hand on the porch and then meeting him later on...... God used you to bless me in finding this story.... it touched me and it increased my faith...thank-you for posting your web-site.... i will be visiting it now and probably will sign up for the text..i hope and pray that you find the joy of helping in missions, and in your life........ you deserve it..God Bless..... Alan.

Thank you for your text messages. . Even when I dont respond, They always inspire me. Brandy

It is terrific to find someone to help inspire me, and help keep my faith going strong. It is getting increasingly harder to find people like you. I am very thankful I found you, and think the words and inspiration that you are giving others is an amazing thing!!! Gerric

An encouraging Text Message sent to Breaking Free Texting Ministry 11-22-09......Praise the Lord Sister. You dont know me. This is Daniel. I think what you do on your website and all the networking I can see you do is an inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for your strength in Christ..- Daniel

I wish i knew who u were! You've blessed me so much! Even if i never know u. I still thank u4 the strength u have given 2 me. thx. - Duke

Congratulations! You have a nice website. It helped me a lot. - Nathan

Breakingfree is an awesome website. God is really using it. Praying for you in this ministry. - Don

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