Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free!! Acts 16:26    My vision is to train and teach each Apostolic believer how to win souls and reach the lost. I believe we can literally turn the World upside down if we are trained to truly win souls! We also must stress and focus on retaining the new babies. Discipleship is going to be a key part of keeping the new converts. We must do everything possible to keep every soul that is born again in our churches.

Saved to Serve Africa: Stop in often for updates on travel, pictures, praise reports, prayer requests, an occasional African thought.  You are living Africa with me, via the Internet :)  

Thank you for your prayer and financial support! Those prayers are much coveted and appreciated.  Together, we are seeing the vast harvest of these African fields brought into the King's storehouses!  DO YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN OR HELL? Take a look at this. Its really awesome and will make a great impact in your life. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to work with countless missionaries (foreign and home), pastors and ministries. I've worked for the Texas District UPCI, Spokane District UPCI, Soul Winner's Boot Camp, PPH (through EA), Mark Condon, Everyone's Apostolic, Apostolic Singles, My Apostolic Website and so much more! It truly floors me what God has done with someone who thought of herself as worthless when she got in church. Tired of church as usual? Our approach is a little bit different. We don't want to just be another church, we want to be a ministry that helps real people with real needs. No matter where you are in life or in your walk with God, we've been there too, and want to help you in your journey. Lead by a Man of God who is Originally Raised and From the City of Maricopa, you are in Good Hands. The heart beat of this Shepherd is to watch and pray for the Salvation of you and your Family. Can you image with me a life that you feel complete and fulfilled that you literally have discovered your passion and purpose on earth? I am here to help you with that and am confident that my experience and ministry can be of a service to you. I am here to help, empower, and inspire you to reach your dreams, fulfill your passion, and win as many souls as you can before Jesus comes. Mark and Debra Naimy have been involved in foreign missions work since 1994 when they established the first permanent Apostolic missions work on the island of St. Vincent, West Indies (in partnership with co-missionaries Eric and Cyrlene Rodriguez who are still doing a great work there.) The Philippines is by American standards, a very poor country.  The vast majority of our pastors (and most of their constituents) live in extremely tough financial conditions.  The common wage for workers in the Philippines is about $6/day.  In spite of this, their outlook is upbeat and their faith in God is high!     It is a New Season for us at PFT. God is blessing immensely! We were able to secure our own facility. We are now located at 56 Construction Road in Mayfield, Kentucky, right off of Hwy 45 adjacent to Howard D. Happy Co. Our service times have not changed nor has our passion for worship. You will not want to miss your opportunity to worship with us! We not only invite you, we urge you to come and be with us not anytime, but everytime you can. We are a church, not a social club and our goal is to build up and not tear down. Our heart is full of love and acceptance not judgment. And our mission is to encourage, help, and heal, through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, all who become a part of us! Please come as soon as you can!    Are You Ready for a Miracle? Evangelist Timothy Dunn travels full time preaching the Gospel and just as the scripture says “These signs shall follow them that believe.” See the daily Miracle Moment broadcast 5-7 minutes of powerful testimony and word of promise! Also take a moment to see the testimony page text and videos of testimonies that when you see them . . . You Will Believe! : Evangelist Ken and Brenda will soon be married for 7 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children.  Ken and Brenda are blessed with a hand in hand ministry and have been a blessing to many churches in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and now here in Kentucky.  Their passion is to see souls changed by regeneration and are blessed to have an anointed sign ministry.  The heart of their ministry is to worship Jesus wholeheartedly and minister to the needs of those set in their path.  Intent on edifying the body through prayer, worship and the anointed preached word of God, Ken and Brenda are often seen communicating the needs of those around them to each other during a service, operating in unison without missing a step.

Endtime Bible Prophecy Ministries:  FREE! Click here to order the free brochure, "What Do You Mean, Born Again?" or any of our other free materials. New World Order is World Government. The Coming One-World Religion. The Four Horsemen. The Great Tribulation - 7 years? The Mark of The Beast. The United States in the Bible.

New Beginnings Adoptions: New Beginnings, located in the Anna Grace Farmer Adoption Center at 2164 Southridge Drive in Tupelo, Mississippi , is a Christian adoption agency and was founded almost 25 years ago by Stephen and Evelyn Drury for the purpose of helping the good birth mother who finds herself in the difficult situation of a teen pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy dilemma.  New Beginnings also provides adoption services to loving families (only a few are listed on this site) who may not be able to become parents without the opportunity to be considered as parents by an extraordinary birth mother who, through no fault of her own, is unprepared for the challenges of parenthood at this time.

Pentecostal Publishing House: Purchase Material To Further Your Knowledge

Ladies Ministries: A Wonderful site filled with many outeach programs for women. PROGRAMS: Daughters of Zion, More to Life, Open Door Ministries, SISTERS, Today's Christsian Girl, Women of Worth, Mothers Memorial, Hope (Healing our Painful Experiences)

Home Missions Division: is provided Home Bible study courses and tracts through Ladies Ministries. Materials are available for prison inmates. Ladies Ministries also supports new home missionaries through a literature fund. A family assistance fund is set aside for unexpected needs of qualifying home missionaries.  All requests for support are through Home Missions Division.

World Network Of Prayer: is the hub for receiving prayer needs among our fellowship, and serves as the link between the local congregation and the worldwide work of God.

Foreign Missions Division: and Ladies Ministries work together to ensure missionaries receive appliances, and Christmas and birthday checks. We also support vernacular radio broadcasts and foreign Bible school students. All requests for support are through Foreign Missions Division.

UPCI  United Pentecostal Church International

Telupo Children's Mansion: provides a family unit and special services for children from dysfunctional families. The children are given the opportunity to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

Spanish Evangelism Minstries' Mission: is designed to bring the gospel of Acts 2:38 to the 42 million spanish speaking people of north america. Spanish is the second most common language in the united states after english.

There is Hope For Today: broadcast communicates the Word of God via airwaves and XM Radio in the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries.

Lighthouse Ranch For Boys: is a residential care ministry designed to heal the broken and hurting lives of young men. Healing is accomplished by the Word of God ministered in the spirit of love and care.

Erwin Maternity Care Center: I don’t have anywhere to live while I am pregnant. What are my options? New Beginnings offers birthmothers who are considering adoption the option of staying at the Erwin Maternity Care Center free of charge. This spacious (4,000 square feet) home offers opportunities for privacy, solitude and friendship with other birthmothers. The Center has full-time house parents who will transport you to and from doctor’s visits, provide meals and offer other recreational opportunities.

Pentecostal Youth:   is a site designed to reach out to our youth in todays world.

Church Locator: Find a Church Near you

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