Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


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It's time we start sharing the GREAT things God is doing in our lives. GREAT things that take place in our lives should NOT be kept a secret, but told to everyone. He has done SO many GREAT things. Its time NOW, to give Him all the glory and THANK HIM for all HE has done!! 


Have you been SET FREE? Have you been delivered from alcohol, drugs, anger, pornography, or sex? Has God healed your body? Has He restored your marriage? Have you came to the true salvation of been baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost? Share your experience. Were you in a near death experience? Did you receive peace through a struggle?



Do you want to give God glory for something He has done in your life? Do you want to thank Him for something? Do you want to share a praise report and let others see the GREAT things God has done in your life? Has he blessed you in any area of your life and want to share it with others? Let's THANK HIM! Don't keep it a secret. It's time to tell others. Has Breaking Free Ministry blessed your life? Share it with others.

E-Mail your testimony or praise report to the e-mail above. When we receive it, we will review it to make sure it is appropriate. When writing the e-mail please include your first name. Its optional if you wish to include other personal information about yourself. Before you send the e-mail, in the subject part of the e-mail put either TESTIMONY or PRAISE REPORT so we can identify your e-mail as not spam. Thank you.

 After your testimony or praise report is added you will receive an e-mail back confirming when it has been posted.