Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26



    For three days I was suffering in pain. When I would pee only blood and chunks of blood would come out. I could barely stand up at certain times because of the pain so bad. I am one who will do what I can so I dont have to go to the Dr. or Hospital. Plus I know God's healing power. I had been praying and praying. Depending on God that He will just help me get through it until it passes away. Or hoping that he would heal me.
    On 6/20/2008 I called Indiana health care and they scheduled an appointment for me right away. I drove all the way out there to find out that they thought it would be best to go to the hospital. Thing is, I had no money to be able to do that. She said that more then likely the hospital would pay for it because of the financial situation that I was in. But I told her, Im just depending on God to do something, she said He will help you out but you need to get medical care.
    So I humbled myself and went to the ER. They admitted me and I was in there for 6 hours. They wanted to get X-rays of my kidneys to make sure I was not suffering from stones. I was okay with it. They put me through the new cat scans they had. Dr. came back saying I was clear of that. She said I just had a really bad infection in my bladder. So she gave me some pain meds and an antibiotic.
    A week later I received my bill from the hospital. The total cost was $2880.50. I called her up and they sent me out financial assistance papers to fill out. Trusting in God hoping that everything would be paid for I filled out all the papers. I explained my situation and why I was having financial troubles. They wrote me back a letter saying that they would be writing off 100% of my bill.
    I was so excited. I praised God and thanked Him for helping me with that. Even though I didn't get healed of the pain, He used something bad that I was going through to bring Him Glory. In the End He got all the Glory. THANK GOD. I had no idea how I would come up with almost $3000 dollars.
    THEN.....THEN.....THEN.... I got another bill. WHAT? Another bill? I thought it was all covered. This one was for the person who read my X-rays from the cat scan I had. Stated that I owed them $536.46. Okay, I freaked out at first but I calmed down. I knew the hospital said everything was covered so I knew I wouldn't have to pay it.
    I called them later on after receiving bill after bill. I didn't know that I had to pay anything more so I didn't contact them right away. I asked them what this bill was for. She explained that the radiology team who goes to the hospital who reads the X-rays is from a total different company than the hospital. She said, "they are separate." Okay. Well, I told her that the hospital said they would be covering all the cost and that I shouldn't have to pay anything. I explained to her my situation and she said, "she had to ask her manager about it." She got back on and said "sorry but you will have to pay for it." She was very strong on making me know that I will HAVE TO PAY FOR it one way or another. I said, "well do you happen to have any programs like the hospital does?" She said, "I can send you out a form to set up payment options." I thought to myself, WHAT payment options? How can I do that I have no money. I said, "Okay send the papers."
     Well, I received all the papers on 9/11/2008 I had to fill out. I explained why I was back in Indiana from the abusive relationship I was in back in Arkansas. That I lost everything from moving back to Indiana to get in a safe place. I sent in a paper that had my wage history on it to show that I had been unemployed. I also stated on there that I did not know how much I could send them monthly since I had no money or a job. I sent them back in. I said a prayer and ask God to have His will done in this situation.
    I got a call from them a couple weeks later. I didn't answer the phone. I let them leave a message. The lady said, "You HAD a balance of $536.46 but NOW your balance is $0. She said, "I have never seen them ever waive a bill but they did for you." WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was jumping up and down. Praising God. Thanking HIM. I fell to the ground and started to cry. I was so happy the Lord provided a way through this whole situation. It was from June until Sept. 3 months later. I didn't get a quick answer from Him. It all happens in HIS timing. Even through the pain and not healing me HE brought something awesome out of it. Trusting in HIM with all things and HE will show you amazing things.
    Sometimes we have to go through the pain and hurt to get to the victory. To see God working. He could have healed me the first day I asked him when I was in pain. He can do ANYTHING. But, he wanted to do it in His timing and teach me that trusting in him HE will take care of it. I didn't get my healing that time BUT I sure got an amazing BLESSING. I have pictures of the bills below that I WAS SUPPOSED TO PAY. The things God does to show how much He truly Loves us. He is always faithful and true. Even if it doesn't happen right away or the way I wanted it to happen. HE SHOWS TRUE LOVE. I learn from that. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!