Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Letter to Bro Arcovio

Bro. Arcovio,

I wanted to thank you for being in Madison this weekend. My daughter is Claire Massie, the girl with the hearing aid, that you prayed for last night.

She has worn TWO hearing aids for the last year and has had over 13 ear surgeries in her 14 years. The main problem has been the fluid in her ear is like glue and even when tubes were inserted the surgeon would have to remove the fluid with a syringe because it was so thick it would not drain normally.

Claire was wearing only one hearing aid last night because last month she had her ear drum replaced in the opposite ear and was not able to wear her hearing aid because she was still recovering (and had no hearing in that ear).

When you asked Bro Jason to speak to her (out of her sight) I KNEW without a doubt she had been healed in that ear. Claire is excellent at lip reading and I knew God directed you to have Bro Jason speak out of her sight to build my faith. She/we have been praying for healing since she was 3 years old (when we first knew there was a problem with her hearing).

Later last night, at the altar service, Claire and I were rejoicing and Claire held her hand up to her OTHER ear and said, Mama, this ear keeps draining (the one without the hearing aid). She had 3 kleenexes full of drainage in her hand. I said, Baby, let it drain. God is doing something. All of a sudden, her face beamed and she screamed, "I CAN HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

On a side note, normally I can get ready for work in the mornings without disturbing Claire because she could not hear but, this morning, much to her chagrin :), she woke up with the noise I was making. PRAISE GOD!

I was hoping to tell you about this last night when I came in Pastor's office to take care of church business...but in writing is probably better any way.

Also, I apologize for walking in you at Pastor's house. I didn't realize you were there or I would have never just walked in..........

Thanks again for following the Holy Ghost.

Kathy L. Jones