Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Brett's Testimony

Well, I was always raised up in a UPC by my mom. At some point my dad started going to church with her and things seemed rough, but the two of them made it together. I received the holy ghost around the age of 14 and spoke in tongue. You would think your life would be set after that, but as my high school years came around, I was in and out of church. Then of course you turn 18 and a graduate. I went off to college and slowly slipped out of church completely. I was a shy kid at first, but once I came out of my shell, the possibilities seemed endless. I partied, drank alcohol, and was just enjoying myself. Well not too long ago, while I was in respiratory school, I meet this girl (she had a little girl from another relationship) and we dated. She was baptist and would not see the Pentecostal way as right. I let the devil deceive me and I even went to church with her a few times, when she absolutely refused to go with me. We got married after 2 years and the misery of my life didn't stop, it got worse. My marriage was so bad, I remember laying in bed at night praying asking God to help deliever me from it. Well one day we had a fight and when I got home from work, everything she owned in my house was gone. The devil tried to destroy me emotionally, I sat around my house and cried and would drink alcohol until I feel asleep, wake up the next day and do it all over again. One night while I was sleeping in my bed, it was around 1 or 2 am, I woke up from a deep sleep and I was suffocating. I was sweating alot and it was extremely hot and muggy in my room. Then I realized I had something on top of me holding me down. I couldn't move, but I was alert to all my senses. I was in bondage of a demonic spirit. All I could think about was calling out to God, and I began to call the powerful name of Jesus, and after a few minutes it was gone.


Let me explain something before I go on. Some people don't realize that when the seed of God is planted in you, it will always be fighting for you to come back unto God, it depends on how much trials and tribulations you will have to go through to make up your mind again. You can run from God, but you can't hide from his love and mercy. Even the first time I got sloopy drunk and vomitted, I felt ashame and conviction of it, to the point I didn't want to look at anyone around me. The seed is always there, and God has longsuffering for us to come back unto him through repentenance. He has a work for us to do and we must fulfill that work, by winning souls for him, laying hands on the sick in the name of jesus and seeing them recover. One of the first messages I heard when I got back in church, the lord spoke to my pastor and said if you are in this church this morning, " I sent for you." Let me tell you how God sent for me.


It was a few weeks after the seperation, and I called my cousin (she stood beside me through the roughness of my relationship and marriage) to tell her what happened. Well, ever since I moved to Lafayette Louisiana, I don't have much family here. One day I was at work and I called my cousin to chit chat, well she said I have something to tell you, and of course I was like ok. She had went into the mall a few days before and she ran into another cousin of ours, whom we didn't know even lived here. Praise God for using Jerry, well he gave her his number and she gave it to me. I called him up instantly and he was at this church. So he began to tell me about this church, and where it was located, guys guess what. For a whole year, I passed my this church going back and forth to college and never realized that I would be making it my home church. He gave me the times of service, and on April 29th 2008, God gave me the holy ghost again and on May 20, 2008 I felt the need to be rebaptized and I have being living for God ever since. He has completely healed all my scars and hurts, Praise the Lord. Till this day my cousin Jerry has no idea why he was in the mall that day, but I know why ( God sent him there to bring me back home). My divorce has being finalized and my new marriage with God has already begun. We have been giving invitations to the greatest wedding of all, don't be selfish, go out into the highways and byways and send out more invitations to God's greatest wedding. He said in the last days I will pour my spirit out to any that come unto him, folks we living in the last days and God's word has never failed. I want to say Lord continue blessing Sis. Amy's website as a outreach to those who read our testimonies. Sister Amy you are amazing person, God Bless You!