Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Chad's Testimony



The date August 13, 1995 will always be a day that I will never forget. That was the day I received the Holy Ghost. It was a life changing experience for me. I was raised in this faith (Pentecostal) all my life. This One God message never meant a lot to me all the years coming up. I remember times growing up I was embarrassed of my faith. I never cherished Truth.


 The reason I never cherished this was due to me having a love for the world. That love believe it or not was (Sports). Simple as that may sound, and silly as that may be to a lot of people. This was my downfall. I lived, slept, and breathed the world of sports (especially basketball). I was a pretty competitive individual. My first two years at college I majored in Physical Education so I could Coach high school basketball.


During my second year at college I had recently received the Holy Ghost. After receiving the Holy Ghost, me and some guys were playing a game of basketball and my team was behind. I remember I found one of my team mates open for a fast break lay-up. He missed the easiest shot someone could get. It made me so furious that I cursed. When I realized what I had done I was so sad, disappointed, and could not believe what I had just done.


 I knew from that moment I had to choose a new occupation to pursue if I truly valued my soul, and to have a relationship with God. Changing majors was a hard decision to make. Coaching was a dream job I wanted so badly. But I wanted God in my life even more. I now know God honored me for what I did. I found a occupation making more money than what I would have had in the Coaching field, plus he gave me a beautiful wife and a handsome son. Old saying is true, you can never out give God. Like the scripture says "He loads me with benefits daily."