Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Live Life To The Fullest Charles 
Section C: Narrative 3/9/09

I have always had the dream to be a hero, so I planned to go in the Marines. When I was in high school, I had my life planned for the next 15 years with a career in the Marines. However, my dream to be a Marine was something I would come to realize would never happen.

My older brother had a lot of influence on me and my choices in life. I have always looked up to Nathan. When he began talking about joining the Marines, I became interested also. He painted a good picture of men and women doing the bravest and most honorable service for this country . However, my brother never joined the Marines, so I was going to be the only one in my family to be a Marine. Nothing was going to change my mind. I thought the most heroic thing I could do was go into the Marine Corps.

Before graduation from high school, I made all the preparations needed to be a great Marine. The first requirement was to maintain a GPA of or above 2.5. My GPA was 3.1. I was also required to take the ASVAB, which is a military placement test. By scoring well on the ASVAB, my dream was falling into place. I was finally prepared to join the Marines.

The summer before graduation a friend and I were driving from Lake Charles to DeQuincy on Hwy. 171. He decided to make a left at Wendy’s on Hwy. 171. We were stopped at a red light, and it seemed the light was taking forever to turn green. I guess my friend was looking at the cars next to us because the light turned green to go straight, not to turn. When he turned, he turned right into the path of a fast moving Chevy Avalanche. The Avalanche hit the passenger side of the car, my side, jamming me into a small space between the door and the center console. The accident put me into a coma instantly, and the coma lasted about a month. When I regained conciseness the hospital staff started me in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. This was the only time during the whole ordeal I felt pain. I had to learn how to hold my head up, how to speak, and how to walk. During my hospital stay I made lifelong friends with my therapists. They realized that the recovery was not of them, that it was God. Thanks to God, therapy, my family, and my church family prayers, I got through that difficult time in my life.

The doctors I’ve had during my hospital stay were simply amazed by my recovery . They all said the same thing: I would be in a nursing home or I would be a vegetable for the rest of my life. It only took four months for me to recover enough to leave the hospital. My doctors believed my recovery would take four years or longer. After that period of time, I probably would have all the normal functions that I would get back. It might take four years for a full recovery, but I have already recovered tremendously. But, if I don’t get any better, I’m just happy to be alive.

When I look back at the accident which ended my dream of a military career, I can see the truth. God opened a far greater door. He opened a door to life and has given me a far greater dream, a dream to live life to the fullest.