Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Davey's Testimony

      To start out with the testimony. I can say I was born and raised in church. Many can say that they where born and raised in church too. I lived my whole life not knowing what it was like to drink or to smoke and all that stuff they said would make you cool. I was the one in school from Kindergarten to 12th grade that was the one always left out. I was the loser. I am now 21 years old, and looking back at my school days I now I would not try and go back and try to be the popular one and get into drugs and drinking. I said to myself that I would die before I even touched the beer. I have seen what it does to families. It’s amazing; I started actually living for God when I was twelve years old. I play the trumpet in our church orchistra, I love to play for the glory of God!

      I rarely miss out on church not because of my parents. I won’t to go. People ask me the church times and I tell them and they look at me and say "4 times". Every time I do go to church I have a blast. Before, during and after. We have a great youth department and great services. The best part is no matter what you have done in life Jesus will forgive you. All though high School the best times I had was on Sunday Nights in church. Many kids asked me if I would like to go with them to go party and to drink. I without even thought about it said no. I didn’t even have second thoughts about it. Then when the weekend was over and school came around I was ready and cheerful, (I didn’t like school all that much) I was cheerful about the night before. The Sunday Night services are the best of the best. I would come into school and many would look like they where just getting over a hang over or trying to explain to their boyfriend or girlfriend that they were drunk and that they couldn’t have known what they did. Man and they where so sure that Friday that that was going to be the best party of the year. While the fights, drinking and God only knows what else was going on. I was at church learning the bible and being energized. I don't know how people with out God make it. Sure for awhile they are on cloud 9, then they will raise and fall. When I have my ups and downs I always have someone to lean on. Someone that will show me the way in life, he even gave me a map to follow

                  Blue print





When I was seven years old I saw other kids younger than me and older than getting the Holy Ghost, even a 68 year man got the Holy Ghost the night I tried to get it. I was so fused rated I thought God hated me. Then my dad sate me down and explained that when I get baptized that all my sins will be washed away, and that it wasn’t my time yet to get the Holy Ghost. Then Saturday night came around and I (not out loud) but asked God to help with getting the Holy Ghost. Ha God does help us; He is the only one that can give us the Holy Ghost. I was only seven I had a lot to learn. I got baptized that Sunday Night. For weeks I had that walking on water feeling. To top it off Wednesday Night I was determined to get the Holy Ghost. I was taught that if I didn’t get the Holy Ghost or get baptized I could not go to heaven. That Wednesday night I told God that I would stay there all night if I had to. I don’t know if I really would have stayed there all night but I was determined to get the Holy Ghost, I think it was the determination, cause that night I received the Holy Ghost. Every where I went I told people, some looked at me funny, I didn’t care, I had the Holy Ghost and I was happy. I probably said this once already but I’m going to say it again. I don’t know how people can live without God. For awhile things look great, then when the bad happens then where do they go? I have a God that will help me though good and bad and that’s all I need in life  

 I hope you enjoyed my testimony

                                God Bless,