Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Gbenga Testimony

I am Gbenga, the son of Amos, the son of Adeleke, the son of Bintu and the son of Olatunji. A citizen of Nigeria. A native of Yoruba land. I was born to the family of Late Mr. & Mrs. Amos Olatunji after a long search for a child on April 1, 1971 at Lagos, Nigeria. I was a Muslim by birth.


I had my primary education in Lagos Nigeria, by the name All Saints Primary School and my secondary education in Lagos as well by the name Sonmori Comprehensive High school. I graduated as a High School student with a very fair result. After my secondary education, life became so miserable for the family. To feed became every sorrowful.


On 1987/88, we were attacked by a gang of armed robbers at our home, here in Lagos Nigeria, they broke into our rented apartment at 19, Odejobi Str., Egbatedo, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria, at about 1.30a.m, they carted away the 2 cars and some valuable goods. They even broke my dad's right-wrist, and damaged my mum's leg. This starts the beginning of the sorrow for our family.


On the month of August 1988, we could no longer eat any good food anymore, we couldn't pay for the house rent anymore, and so, we had to pack out. My dad sold out all the remaining goods we had, yet couldn't save us. Everyone had to hunt for whatever he/she will eat, including my mum. I love my mum so much, she stood by my dad, and she never wavered nor thought twice. She stood by my dad even unto the point of death and after......


On the cause of this, I lost my dear father, Mr. Amos Olatunji, on the 22nd of March 1992, after a brief illness. The man suffered so much on this planet earth before he was translated. I can still recollect, he had 2 vehicles then, a peugeot 504 and a peugeot 505.


My dad joined the departed when things were very tough, despite; my mum was still faithful to him even in death. She went through the widow's rite according to our

tradition. The struggles never stopped.


There was a time in my life that everything turned upside down that I felt like given up, but God in His infinite mercy preserved me till this day. It happened in the year 1992, when I lost my dad, my uncle and my auntie in the same month. I was frightened, dejected and hopeless, that same month I had to sit for an examination, but no financial power to commence it. So I decided to pick up a laborer job, working with a bricklayer. So, I gathered money to pay-up the bill, even though I was late in the payment, yet I was accepted, I did the exams and came out with flying colours.


Meanwhile, as a fatherless child, I went through a rigorous time and wilderness experience, the family came knocking, why? Because I got converted along the way. Someone came from a church, ministered to me, that same day I renounced all my past deeds and face God as His is and as I was. I got born again in the year 1992, August 22. I got baptized in the same year Dec. 20 and I got baptized in the Holy Ghost immediately after my conversion on a Sunday serviceā€¦ Before coming to the truth I cheated, cursed, lied, was depressed, and was not happy. Now I have something great to look forward to.  wow, definitely, my entire life was changed totally, I felt more forgiven afterwards. I lye no more, steal no more and even commit immorality no more.


So, the family ejected me out of the house, I became houseless, and things became difficult and tough till the time I had to be sleeping outside like rogues. Later, I met a brother whom the Lord sent my way, assisted me, housed me and gave me things like clothes and foods.


Things became rosy and going fine, later, everything just changed and I lost all. I had to go back to my family to check out things, guess what I saw, they used there Islamic magical power to depressed everything down, even I was to be eliminated then, but God saved me. Thanks be to Jesus.


Moreover, I prayed and fasted, God restored me back. Even though my family are yet to accept me back, I'm doing fine here in Nigeria. I'm still squatting with someone. They even went as far as convincing this friend of mine that I'm living with to eject from the house, he refuses, they threatened him, he obeyed them and ejected me out, as it is now, I'm still squatting around. I still need help in this area.


However, during the period that I lost my dad, my mum followed him 5 years after, I was left with 5 younger ones after me, I had no choice than to distribute them over to people that I know. So, I went to a computer school to study computer graphics, I graduated with first class honour, I started working, five years of my working, I couldn't gather anything for myself, my boss terminated my appointment, and back to square one. Now, I'm jobless, but I believe something, God is on the throne, He will see me through.