Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Dr Gerald Jeffers "Faith" 

Do want to learn what real faith is? Then watch this and you will receive understanding. Satan gets upset and mad when we start doing what God wants us to do. God trust us enough to brag on us. God allows things upon our life to see us pass it. God can say to satan do what you want but after you are done you will see how great my child is. Even if you dont understand what is going on, you lift your hands and praise God and say you dont know why this is happening to but you know that God will work this out for good. You may not know when or how but my faith just says you will. Think about Job who lost his kids, sheep, wife, but he had faith knowing God will take care of Him. Sometimes we have the wrong concept of what faith is. Sometime we have this idea that faith is not supposed to allow anything wrong to happen with us. Anything bad happens to us either we didnt have faith or God failed our faith. NOT TRUE.... Learn what real faith is.

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