Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Our Miracle-Tailor Grace

By: Holly 



God is truly so good to us! After a miscarriage in 2002 my husband and i were still hoping and praying to conceive again....

After many test that came back ok we decided to "forget" about it since God was in control anyway and just live our lives with our without a baby. Well i had heard of my husbands cousin and her husband who had went to their pastor and ask him to pray about them having a baby...he told them to go and prepare a nursery,
they did and weeks later they found out they were going to have a baby!! So my mind starts know, now that i look back i should have remembered that out ways and thoughts are not always God's ways and thoughts, in fact God's are Higher than ours!

So my husband and I went to our pastor one service in 2005 to pray for us to have a child...well, he just looked at us and said I really believe you should just give it to God and dont stress out worrying about it...hmmm not the response I was hoping for!

So the next day, (first I have to admit that my flesh was not happy with my answer) so after I prayed through that, I went to the church and poured my heart out to God and asked him first to take away the Mother instinct if it was not his will for me to have a baby...see I was still trying to get an immediate answer...well then I just lifted up my hands like I was holding a baby and I said ok God here it is...all my hopes and desires are yours to take care of, well, the holy ghost came down and I felt like a load had been lifted from me!! Is'nt it awesome how God does that when you obey you Man Of God?

February 2006 about a year later...our pastor's pastor Eld. Wayne Cardwell came down for 3 night services, wed-fri and on thursday night I had a meeting and came in just as he was starting to preach " God is a good God on a bad day!" but all through the message he kept stopping and asking us to pray, finally he said he did not know why but God was wanting him to say something that really did not go with his message! when he said that I just felt this warm funny feeling wash over me and I said to myself this is it! He is going to say something about having a baby! Well I just put my head down and started crying the feeling was so strong and sure enough he started telling a story about a coulple who had wanted a baby for 8 years...I don’t know if he even got to finish the story but I really started crying and the Holy Ghost just came down so strong all the church started praying and he walked straight to me and David and said God is going to do it for you! He prayed over us and told us some things that God wanted to see in our that was on a THURSDAY....that SUNDAY Bro. And Sis. Slater just happened to be in the area and they came by and preached for warning just showed up Sunday morn! Well after preaching I went to the alter to pray and sis. Slater came and knelt beside me and said I normally don’t do this but I felt so strong that God wanted me to tell you that HE is going to give you a baby and it will be healthy and well!! talk about confirmation!!!

Well, that next day MONDAY I looked at my calendar and realized that I might need to go buy a test! So I went to the Dollar General and bought a $1 test ( oh yea of little faith!!! lol) well about 10:00 that night I took it and *SCREAM!!!*** it was positive!!! THERE IS NO GOD AS GOOD AS MINE!!! My husband sent me immediately to the grocery store to buy a "real" pregnancy test....EPT for $16.96, it was digital and when I made it back home and took it, it started flashing "pregnant" pregnant! we were ecstatic!!!
Now i have such an awesome testimony of God's goodness and faithfullness...tailor has been extremely healthy and well!!! HE always stands behind his promises!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

So no matter what the situation in your life...He can take care of it!! His promises are Yea and AMEN!!!
Don't you just love the Lord?