Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Sister Vesta Mangun leads this song  "I will give you all" at the Pentecostal Of Alexandria in LA

God spoke to Abraham and said...take your only son. And offer as a the one you love. Lord is there not some other sacrifice t...hat i can bring...but if that's what you ask...dear Lord..i'll give you everything.

I will give you all. I will give you all. If all is what you ask of me...I will not withhold. And if my sacrifice is less...than giving you my very best...let me remember calvary's cross...and be willing to say yes.

Many times I said that I would give to You my all. But I withheld a secret part...I thought that no one saw. But if You would ask of me to give...the very thing that I love the best....give me the courage and the be willing to say yes....