Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26

Irene's Testimony 

When I was 4 1/2 months pregnant, I was having an ultra sound done. They saw the heart of my son was not forming! I was sent to see a specialist and had to have a special dr. The best I was told.. His heart was not forming on one side and both sides had many deformities. The Dr. gave me 3 choices (1) abortion the one they pushed for the hardest!! (2) allow him to be born keep him on pain meds and he would die in about 7 days (3) have him put on a heart transplant list and have multiple surgeries as we wait and hope for a heart to come.. I refused to accept any of them The doctor and my husband was very upset I would not just have an abortion and save the child pain and suffering and us money!

I told that Dr. God would heal him!.. She was very sure of herself and was not a believer..So I began my praying and petitioning with God! I cried everyday all day praying nonstop, every service I would go to the altar and get prayed for! I could not get through a day without crying and worrying for my baby! I had to go to the Dr, every 4-6 weeks and every time it was the same story there was over 25 heart deformities the first time, the next was one or 2 less, I was a wreck, I never spent one day just enjoying being pregnant I had wanted a child for 10 years and now I had one that was suppose to die at birth. I keep getting prayer many of you may have prayed for me Churches all over the U.S. was praying. As I went to the echo-cardio grams I gained hope because each time there was less holes or problems, I remember when there was only 14 I took a list to my church naming each thing and asked each person to pray for one on the list.. I went to the echo's and instead of hearing all that was still wrong I started only hearing what was improved or gone, I would not allow anyone to speak negative about my baby’s heart I only allowed my pastors wife to go with me to the echo’s.  Someone that was believing with me that he was going to be healed! Well the last echo date came a week before my scheduled c-section it showed the baby still was expected to be born with multi. Heart problems and not expected to live.

I went to the Altar one last time.. AND I FELT THE MOST AMAZING FEELING GO INTO MY STOMACH AND THE BABY BEGAN TO ROLL AROUND AND I KNEW GOD HAD JUST PUT HIS HAND INTO MY STOMACH AND REFORM MY BABYS HEART! I claimed the healing at that moment I told the church they could stop praying it was done! I had no fear it was gone. I called my husband who was working off-shore and told him I was buying a baby car seat.. He said why were not bringing him home? I said yes we are he is healed! So we bought a car seat. The night before my baby was to be born I had the greatest joy and peace the first time in my pregnancy I felt happy not scared I did not cry and petition God that night I went to sleep.. The next morning my pastor’s wife started to get fearful I reassured her! This was my first baby so I should have been scared but when you have the peace of God like that you can't feel fear!! MY SON WAS BORN WITH A WHOLE HEART...GOD HAD HEALED HIM HE IS GOING TO BE 10 FEB. THE 1ST ... I HAVE THE GREATEST CHILD THE SWEETEST BLESSING ON EARTH! So I am sure God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow... God can still heal.. I could not understand why God did not just heal him the first time I asked but now that I am older and more mature in Christ I believe it was for the doctors that thought I was crazy!! The doctor that pushed the abortion so strongly never saw me again she excused herself!! She had never been wrong before! A new doctor took over! So even though I felt cheated that I did not get to enjoy my pregnancy... I was part of a great blessing and used to show these Doctors God is still able! I pray this will be a blessing and a hope to someone.. That no matter what it looks like to us God has the last word and prayer fasting and faith putting all your trust in God is the answer!! God Bless!!!