Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 J.E Manuel's Testimony 

Part 1
Praise the Lord. I suppose that I can share of my testimony that's fitly spoken by the grace of God. I will try not to take up too much space, so here it goes.

God allowed a teen-age girl and a middle aged married man to unite, and about nine months later, out came I into the world. Grew up in the projects which was in the heart of the ghetto. My soul was exposed to many things that decades ago some would have thought to be unimaginable.

I begin attending a Baptist church due to the fact that one of their neighborhood missionaries knocked on our door one day and invited our family for a visit. So I remained in that religion for about 17 years. During my time in that religion, I've seen and heard many things done by the people that was ungodly, from the pastor on down. I even went clubbing with one of the rev's, along with another Baptist brother in the bunch.

Not only a great deal of wickedness was being done outside the building, but a boatload of devilment was being committed inside the building as well. It was a place where people was crying holy, but their lifestyle and practice was damnable and wretched, from the pastor on down. Apart from the hypocrisy, they were not preaching what the bible teaches.

At the age of 19 I begin hearing the voice of God calling me, telling me that I need to make a change in my life. It was first done if I recall well while I was at home sitting in my room. I tried to make a change, but I didn't knew where to go, and I didn't understand that I needed help of the Lord to make a change.

Within a two year time period, I begin to seek the Lord the best way I knew how. I was still in sin, but I would pray unto Him on a regular basis for forgiveness and mercy, not knowing everything I was required to do to obtain it. However, some things I knew was wrong I was doing anyhow.

But the day that changed my life was back in 2003 when I did something out of zeal, and out of ignorance. One night I came from a night club with one of my buddies. We stopped at a gas station on the way home. While we were there, I ran into another acquaintance I knew from around the way. We exchanged a few words. Then he begin telling me about some church he begin attending. I started to explain to him how the church he attend is a false religion. During this moment I was still buzzed from the gin I was drinking earlier at the club. Then after that , I called myself trying to witness to someone else about Christ, one of the same guys I went clubbing with. Then I was dropped off at home, where I went to sleep. That is when I had the most terrible dream in my life. I dream that I died in my sins, and went to hell. I woke up screaming. That in itself may have been enough for someone to see to straighten up, but there was one more thing I saw that night that many people would not believe God would allow to happen to a person. I saw Satan himself face to face in my room. I screamed again out of fear and closed my eyes. I later opened my eyes and saw him no more. Perfectly sober now and dismayed, after catching my breath a bit, I looked up toward heaven, and uttered these words unto the Lord, "I get Your point". It may have took me an hour before I went back to sleep. When I did, I had another dream. It was a peek into my future. I saw myself working in the ministry. I heard angels singing (I know they were angels because the language was not understandable, and it sounded so good, unlike nothing on this earth). Later I learned the bible states that the angels rejoices over one sinner who repents. When I woke up from that dream, I still heard them singing, and the sound of their voices faded away.

One Sunday morning, about 16 months later, I heard a man over the radio who was preaching the word. I knew God ordained that moment because I was up doing something that I normally don't do, not even to this day. I was making a sausage sandwich to eat. He was preaching repentance, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the Holy Ghost. He spoke against the hypocrisy that's going on in these denominational religions. He gave out a number to call after he was finished preaching. I called that number. I asked them questions, and on their next service day, I got myself over there by the grace of God. I heard the word, and kept on coming to services.

A coupe of months later, I went down in the water in Jesus' name. three months after that, one Tuesday evening, God filled me with the Holy Ghost, my measure of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, by speaking through me as His Spirit gave the utterance (again hearing a language I didn't understand).
I've had some battles in this way. Some took longer for me to allow God to give me the victory over than others, but my goal is to reach glory by His grace.

Part 2

Well, as for me, I wasn't a real hardcore Baptist, though I was in that religion for 16 years. Yes I was among those who uttered the "sinner's prayer" on a regular basis. Yes, I was among those who was shacking up with a female and still thought I was somehow pleasing God because I went to church. But thanks be to God, I'm not living like that anymore.

I thank the Lord that He kept me from falling under the seductive spell of sitting under any filthy Jezebel (women preacher) ministry. The Lord Jesus Christ led and guided me to a fellowship of Sound doctrine, besides hearing Acts 2:38.

Yes, there is a really big difference now. I'm saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. I didn't receive some spirit that would be powerless to keeping me from the practice of sin, but I received the gift of the Holy Spirit of God. Not only did I spoke in tongues, but I am being kept from doing and saying things that's against the word of God.

I didn't have such power in the Baptist church. I received power from on high in a ministry that teaches holiness and separation from practicing sin. One Tuesday evening, home alone, and in the living room, the Lord spoke through me in an unknown language. And now, nearly four years later, I can truly say that God has been keeping me through all that time. By my God's power I never had an "up and down" season as they say: crying holy one minute, and indulging in sin the next minute. I thank God that He gave me power to resist the devil.

That's all I have to say for now. Praise ye the Lord everyone.