Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Jared's Testimony

Hello fellows Christians, my name is Jared and I’m here to tell you my life testimony. I was born on a church pew as some might say. Meaning one of my first memories is a church service. I was gung-hoe for Christ for about fifteen years when teenage life sunk in. I started to feel the differences between me and other kids in school and heard all there stories about getting drunk and high.

The ones of you who know me know that I love a good time so of course these stories of getting drunk and high and carrying on appealed to me. Well I didn’t start drinking or smoking at that point but that is when Satan planted the seed or rebelliousness. At age sixteen I got a job at Johnny’s Pizza House in Calhoun. All of the employee’s as well as my assistant manager at the time drank and smoked cigarettes as well as marijuana.

Well due to peer pressure and that spirit or curiosity and rebelliousness that Satan had planted one day I tried a cigarette. I was instantly addicted. From then on I smoked constantly; shortly after I tried marijuana and beer. Well I enjoyed the feeling I got when I was high or tipsy so I continued doing both of these.

Spring Break of my junior year in high school a spirit of hate and antisocialism came between me and my parents and I couldn’t stand to be around them or abide by anyone’s rules so I packed my clothes in a trash bag and ran away to Baton Rouge.

From then on I don’t remember what happened for about a year. I dove so deep into drugs my memory is absolutely wiped clean. I fried more brain cells in that year than a chef fries potatoes in his career. I was doing cocaine, weed, loratabs, xantac bars, and hydrocodone. While involved in all of this I broke into a few convenient stores and was arrested.

My mom and dad, who still loved me very much, bonded me out after me being in jail for two weeks. I stayed straight for a few weeks but was soon back in all of the drugs and partying. One day, luckily one of many I can’t remember, I was in an accident and burn forty-five percent of my body. I was in LSU hospital for about 3 months.

Once again God had saved my life and I straightened out for a few more weeks but once again I slipped back into the world. Well I had gotten used to all of the weed, pills, and alcohol. But all of these weren’t enough for me because nothing could fill that whole that was left in my heart when I left God at that church altar.

So needing a better high I started smoking methamphetamines, shooting heroine, smoking PCP, taking LSD, shrooms, and ecstasy. Once again I tried to break into a store but I gave up before I made it into the store and left. A week later on a Sunday night I had smoked 3 grams of meth and took 13 ecstasy pills. For those of you that don’t know much about drugs that is deathly close to overdosing. Well I passed out with a ten pack of ecstasy in my pocket planning on taking them when I woke up. That would have put me over and caused me to overdose but I was woken by the police and they took me to jail for the attempted burglary.

God saved my life again. I sat in jail for three months praying and getting closer to God everyday. I finally learned my lesson and it took jail to teach it to me. God new I wouldn’t give him the time of day in the world so he allowed me to sit in jail until I came running back to him.

And now I am free of alcohol cigarettes and drugs for the last 2 months. And I know what your thinking, “duh you’ve been clean you’ve been in jail.” Well its actually quite easy to get cigarettes, weed, and pills in jail but even with them all around me God made it possible to stay clean. Now I am free and ready to rush the gates of hell and take my generation back to heaven with me. I won’t allow Satan to do to other teens what he has done to me. I hope this has toughed you in some way and if you ever need to talk about anything you can talk to me. Trust me I’ve been there I can guarantee it, from the loss of a family member to attempting suicide. God Bless and to all a good night. Jared