Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


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Apostolic Preaching- Dr. Gerald Jeffers- Im Annointed Thats Why

Are you facing suicidal thoughts, or fear? Do you feel you are being smashed by life around you? There is a process to make olive oil. The Annointed oil. To make the oil flow, the flesh of the outside of the olive has to be stepped on. People will step on you, spouse will step on you, pastor will step on you, but if you hold on, oil is about to flow. DO NOT HATE THE ONES WHO STEP ON YOU, for they are the ones who make the oil flow.

Once you get saved you inherted an enemy. You have an enemy now that wants to kill you and gets pleasure in kicking you when you are down. God has predetermined that this thing that should rip you apart, God is going to let it rip you apart, and when you dont have no more strength, That is when God will come in and take care of You.

Annointed now.... You cant appreciate the voice of God, until you have the absence of God. You cant appreciate the presence of God until you dont feel the presence of God. You cant appreciate the touch of God until you are crying out, "Where are you God".