Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Apostolic Preaching- Dr Gerald Jeffers- God's Love is Better than Strong Wine

Watch these video's and learn what REAL love is. Amazing how he brings it out. Learn to get drunk in the spirit instead of alcohol. The pain you feel will all go away if you are drunk in the spirit. YOU DONT NEED ALCOHOL TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER. It will not fix the problem. Watch this! Are you ready? Its time now to experience this!

Taking scriptures from the book of Solomon. This is one of the most difficult books to read of the bible. You wouldnt think to find a book like this in the bible. You would expect to find something like this in playboy but God said let me tell you this, by the way they stoled it from me and perverted it. And God said let me tell you why they have successfully taken it and perverted it because the church shut the doors on it. That is the same thing that happened with counseling. The church shut the door on counseling and the world picked it up.

In the book of the Song of Solomon it is so difficult to know who is talking, whether or not if he is talking or she is talking. And the reason for this it is to illustrate a point to us, its supposed to be that when you have such a passionate relationship with God, that when people talk with you it sounds like God and when people hear God it sounds like you. You should not sound like two different but as one. God is saying I want you to have a song of solomon passionate relationship with me. I want you to pray becuase you love talking with me, not becuase you have to pray. Psalms 116:11 in His precense is a fullness of Joy.

God is looking for some spiritual alcoholics.

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