Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Gerald Jeffers "5 Fold agenda of God and of Satan."  When you start thinking like God you will start receiving the things of God. Thinking like Satan is like this, "I don’t know why I pray anyways, and God never answers my prayers." Don’t think like your enemy. Depression, ungodly thinking, self pity, worry, and fear all belong to Satan. So if you are thinking like Satan, he has power over you. And you wonder why you are not receiving the things of God? When it comes to viewing ourselves, we dont think like God. You cant dwell on saying that you are not good enough or that you dont measure up and be thinking like God. You are thinking as your enemy. But you also cant go on the other extreme and think you are Gods gift to earth and think that no one can preach like you or sing like you. The fruit of the Spirit with God is temperance "balance".

Watch these videos and learn to start thinking like God and receive what God has for you. GROW SPIRITUALLY and MATURE.

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