Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Apostolic Preaching- Dr. Gerald Jeffers- Yoked Up with God ---- Amazing teaching. Its so awesome how he brings things out and teaches. Learn to become closer with God. Things you can do to have a closer walk with God. Dont be unequaully yoked together. This teaching also gives spiritual understanding of HOW TO PICK the right person to MARRY. If you are not yoked together, You will have many problems. "How can two walk together, excpet they agree?" If you dont agree, it will fall apart. He talks about how God wants an "ox" not a "donkey". God wants someone who is willing to work with Him not someone who is stubborn. You cant put an ox with a donkey because an ox was sacrificed unto the Lord. An ox didnt just work for their masters but they are animals that were sacrificed for their masters unto the Lord. When you are an ox you are willing to do all the work and let someone else get the name for what happens.

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