Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Kat's Testimony 

 I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ on Pentacost Sunday of this year (09). Previous to that I had spent five years trying to fill my God-sized hole with drugs, alcohol, permiscuousness, and lies. I was pretty depressed with my life from middle school on, and like most confused teenagers took my anger out on my parents. They always supported and loved me and I was very selfish and ungrateful during those years.

After high school I moved away from small-town Iowa to Kansas City, to seek a better life and try to find myself. I knew I could be a better person but had yet to find the environment to fully express that. I attended a massage therapy program and while working at BioLife plasma center, met Jacob Miley, one of the donors there. He invited me to his church and a few weeks later I decided to give it a go. I had pretty much shut the door on God many years before when I started living my selfish lifestyle. I decided anything would be better than the pain and loneliness in my heart.

I started attending Grace World Outreach (GWO), a Pentecostal denomination and was quite surprised by what I found there. Having been raised Community of Christ, I was used to church services that were more quiet and never really excited me spiritually. Walking into GWO, I knew something was different about this church. During the opening prayer everyone was talking very loudly and walking around. I couldnt understand half of what the people were saying and later learned they were speaking in tongues. During the praise and worship part of service, I experienced a whole new kind of worship; one where people openly danced around the aisles and sang and clapped joyously. I was very excited to join in on this unique kind of worship, as confusing as it was!

After attending church for only three weeks I was filled with the holy ghost on Pentacostal Sunday. As it is written in Acts 2:38 in the bible, I admitted to God my sin and asked for a change. He honored this request and after I recieved the Holy Ghost I felt liberated and new. Speaking in tongues was quite a unique experience that no words can truly express. It is a spritual connection to God like nothing I have ever felt before. I was immediatly baptised that very Sunday. Literally born again, I chose to completely turned my life around for God.

I know that nothing short of God could have gotten me away from my old lifestyle so quickly. I put down the pipe that I had been battling with for five years, and with His help I did not look back. I learned about Holiness and why it is so important to not just live part-time for God. The more you let go of your worldy desires the more room there is in your life for God to bless you.

I recently told a friend that the makeup of an individuals life is like a spider's web. Every individual relationship we have and past-time we partake in make up a strand of our web as we choose to spin it. My web about five months ago was made up of strands connecting me to people that do drugs, drink alcohol, and speak and act worldly. My personal book, music, and video selection expressed someone who was not affiliated with Christ. I decided my life was not worthy of much while living in the world and one at a time God has helped me to snip away each strand of my web that did not mimic him. I threw away clothes, music, books, movies, and old personality traits over the course of several weeks. It was in no way easy for me but the reward in Heaven is far greater than any physical thing offered here on Earth. In return God has strung me a different kind of web, clean and new. Strands that link me to good christian friends, family, and the most amazing book that surpasses all others.

I am truly blessed in this life. In only five months God has answered every prayer and helped me over every obstacle. I have no fear in my heart where that void once reigned. Thankful to be a part of GWO, I love helping the children in the church while getting to worship my Father in Heaven. To any and all that read this, no matter the trial, tribulation, burden, or fear; there IS a God who loves you unconditionally and eternally who is patiently waiting with outstreched arms.

God Bless!
Love, Kat