Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Kristen's Testimony

       Well I grew up in a Catholic family. Those who were not Catholic were either Methodist, or Presbyterian. In the 8th grade one of my friends started going to a church. They believed in so many things that I had never heard before. I remember getting into fights with her over how she was changing. I felt as if she was betraying me. She then got a boyfriend who was also in the church. Her boyfriend began to talk to me about things I have never heard before like water baptism, and the Holy Ghost. I thought I was doing everything right. I went to church, I gave a Few dollars, and I prayed for my family. I never knew there was so much more. So I got interested. But my family told me that I wasn't allowed to go. That they would brain wash me too. My grandmother went nuts so I gave up. In that time I started to drink just a little. Not enough for any one to really notice. Then it started, my parents started fighting. I was left alone a lot, and didn't want to come home from school. My dad was always yelling at me, and soon I wasn't allowed to go out to my friends houses. Then I met my boyfriend. He was in the church to. My dad didn't like this at all. For bided me too see him. I just wanted to give up in life. My parents got divorced, and I felt like it was all me.

       A few days later my mom told me I could go out with the man I wanted to, so I did. He also began to talk to me about church. Seeing that I couldn't go I told him I would never step foot in his church. Just seeing the way these people acted amazed me. There was something different and I wanted it. So my mom finally gave in to me and let me go.

    The moment I stepped into the Ironwood United Pentecostal Church I felt something I have never felt before. All through the service I felt as if the preacher was talking right to me. I had never met any of these people and they knew what was wrong in my life. I went down to the altar, and I knew what I wanted. The next night I got the Holy Ghost. From then on I felt God like I never had.

    Now I needed to be baptized. And in the next four months I went through so many trials. My friends really hated me. I lost a lot of them. My family was more than angry with me. Every time I went to my grandma's for dinner she would cry and ask me why I would do this to her. My parents would say horrible things to me, and when I got in trouble the first thing taken away was church. But God led me through and On February 23, 2003, I was baptized in Jesus name, and I Joined the church choir.

    I have so many trials each and everyday. My family does things I don't approve of, and I am the only one saved. My friends backstab me, and the list could go on forever. But I Have A God who has brought me from drinking before it got bad. He has kept me from drugs even thought I have had chances. He has kept me when I fall, because when I am weak he is strong. He has filled me with a new hope, and a dream that I have a chance.

  I have seen the world, I lived it once. But I have been born again! There is nothing anyone could ever do to get me to go back. When people ask me why I gave up pants and why I don't cut my hair, go to the movies, drink, smoke, curse, and all the other things they do I tell them this. If a man can go through more pain than you and I will ever know, just so I will be free, so I can live forever in a kingdom of gold, I owe it to live by his word, and to follow his example. I know times are tuff, But I also know with God on my side anything is possible. I thank Jesus everyday for bringing me out of the dark and for all my blessings because you never know when it could be taken away