Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


I dont have yesterday, Its gone forever, but I dont have tomorrow either, Its not here yet, I can drop dead instantaneously at any second ................some people spend a lifetime living in the past, thats all they talk about, other people spend a lifetime living in the future, thats all they talk about, and they all miss the now... I dont want to miss the now, this is all I have, so no matter what comes or goes no matter who does what, it does not affect me, I have this moment in time, and I make the most out of this moment because this is all I have, and because of that I am free and I am a happy individual... Dont live in the future, Dont live in the past, live for the Now, make the most of this moment, its all that you have got.-Lee StoneKing

Lesson 1 Part 1 of 5 

Lee Stoneking..  Daniel 70 Weeks Lesson 1.. A time line from Adam to Abraham. 2000yrs in between them. Law of Moses. 1500yrs of the law. 400 years of Silence to the opening of the door to Matthew. 4000 years before the NT began in Matthew. . . . Jeremiah 1 The weeping prophet.. God never had one perfect vessel to be using in the entire bible, But He used what was available. 

Lesson 1 Part 2 of 5 

Jeremiah 1:8, God can make a way for you when there is no way.. He can change it, He can turn it around, He can make everything new.....Jeremiah 1:9 God has put His words in my mouth..... 

Back to the sheet, Time line... God spoke directly to Moses, and Moses spoke directly to the people, Moses spoke what he had to Joshua... once the Hebrew children crossed over into Canaan, they looked around and saw other nations had an earthly king and they fused and wanted a earthly King, so God gave them what they wanted. Samuel found Saul who was the 1st king of Israel. Then David. Then Solomon, but he fell into sin, So God divided Israel 975bc. Jeremiah 50:17 God sent a plague of lions in amoung the people to devour them because they became so wicked.... Northern and southern kingdoms....

Lesson 1 Part 3 of 5 

721bc... Hebrew children, God gave them a 115yrs to repent and they didnt do it, so 606bc King Nebuchadnezzar partial conquered Judah. Jeremiah 25:11 Warned the people. Jeremiah 29:10 after 70yrs.. God said there will be 70yrs of bondage under Nebuchadnezzar... 2Kings 24:10-14 606bc, carried away all the princes (figs)= Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego and Ezekiel. Carried out of Judah into the land of Babylon. 606-588bc God gave the jews 18 more years to repent, so 588bc Nebuchadnezzar totally destroyed Jerusalem. When they were destroyed- Southern Kingdom=588bc  Northern Kingdom=721bc... Daniel did not return to Judea, he never went back to his father land, he lived and died in Babylon. Starts going into Daniel 1 at time 10:23..

Lesson 1 Part 4 of 5 

Daniel 2:1 Nebuchadnezzar had a dream.. Daniel 2:29- times of the gentiles began and dont end until Armageddon. Daniel 2:31 the dream....Daniel 2:32- 1st vision is political...Daniel 2:34,35 the stone=the Lord Jesus Christ strikes the gentile empire, at the end of Armageddon the 1000yrs of peace= a great mountain filled the earth...


Lesson 1 Part 5 of 5

A prayer then back to Daniel 2 and finished Daniel 2.  Daniel 2:39..Daniel 2:48 Made Daniel ruler over all of the province of Babylon and it all started because he refused to eat the kings meat but to chose to serve God in fear back in Daniel 1:8. The only thing you possess in life are the choices you make and God uses you according to the choices you make in life.