Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


I went to Ohio when I was 17; I was already using whatever drug I could get. Searching for who knew what, just searching. While I was in Ohio, I was pulled over by the police they found a very small amount of marijuana in the ashtray, and impounded my truck. The truck at the time had EVERY thing I owned. They also gave me a ticket to appear in court which I never did (don’t know how HE got me out of that one). After being there for a while, I called my mom and she allowed me to move back in.

Not to long after that I got that old "itch" I wanted to go somewhere again. I went to Sarasota, Florida with someone. Neither one of us really wanted to work, so it was hard to find a place but when you are broke (and over 1000 miles from mama) it kind of changed me. I met many people, misfits, just like myself just meandering around getting "high" on whatever was available, drinking you name it. We had no goals, ambitions, or thoughts about the future. Eventually I contacted my mom again and she said I could come home AGAIN.

I of course came back; I got a job, saved a little money and got a checking account. I was soon tired of getting up every day (I was still searching for truth "Somewhere, in this world has got to be a shred of truth!") so, this time instead of just taking off I wrote about $3,000 worth of bad checks. Buying a van "and this time you'll never see me again!"

I took the same guy that went with me the last time and this time we had about 3 others with us 2 of them went back shortly there after, another hang out with us for a while then he figured out we didn’t know half of what we thought we did, so he left also. Me on the other hand I had it all figured out. Wouldn’t you know we met a dealer the first night we were in town that could hook us up good enough to live and not have to work to often. 

I stayed in Florida without contacting my Mom or any of my family. I don't think it was a wise decision but it just got easier not to call the longer I waited. I guess it was Easier because if I didn’t talk to my mom than she couldn’t ask me to come back and then I had no choice but to fend for myself. I liked the independence but it was pretty lonely most of the time especially if, like me you realize that even most of the people that call you "friend" don't actually care if you stick around or not. I was fortunate to have this revealed to me early. I missed out on a lot of stuff, (like what you might ask) only He knows. I have little if any regrets, which is a good thing

 I guess. I met the most amazing people traveling around. The nicest people I met in Florida were the PUNKS the ones that have theirs heads shaved on both sides but leave it long right down the middle. It's called a mohawk. Any way, when I did finally call my mom she was so happy she took a vacation and came down within a month or however long it was. Not long after guessed it, I came back home.

Now it is January 2000 I don’t have much work experience none that are good references except a couple temp services. I start hangin' out, get a job here and there. I already knew someone that would "hook me up". Since I did'nt like to work every day, after getting enough business that when I went to work I actually lost money, I quit the job I had, took up selling full time.

I teamed up with a guy named Jimmy, He was wanted already and the police shot and killed him......... I am still messed up about that. It was July 3, 2001.  The crazy thing is, he called me at 8 o'clock or there about and told me to come there. I left about 5 -10 minutes after he called me and I was only about a 5 minute drive from there, I heard a lot of sirens the whole way(I usually took side roads) some how I just knew it was him. He was my friend and every time I think of this I get a litttle teary eyed. I did'nt have a lot of friends, never had.

Jimmy doesn’t have any more chances to accept TRUTH We didn’t know each other long but we were so much alike even I didn’t believe it. After he died, I went on a drinking binge and ended up in jail in Michigan. I spent 6 months there and that was enough! I got an easy sentence because I didn’t have any priors. I heard after I got out that a week or two before I got out There was two or three people who went to jail that I knew and since then most everyone that I knew is in or is going to prison.

Looking at that and knowing that I didn’t snitch on any one. The 6 months that I got in Michigan, They were a gift from God. I do not know how else to look at that. 

In my world, I am not the least educated person in existence. I am certainly not the most educated, but I've learned a little. In the past few years, I have been on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. You name it I have done it at least once. This is not something I say with pride, anymore, I am dealing with a completely different life that I never even knew existed before. I am learning to trust in Jesus for all that I need. That is a problem for me because I always thought of the things I had as things that I had gotten for myself. Boy was I wrong! Looking back I see quite a few times I could have ended up in jail (longer than I was in there), and quite a few times I could have died. That may seem like an exaggeration but it most certainly is not. When I wake up now I thank the Lord that I have another chance. I used to curse him for the very same thing. (THANK YOU JESUS!) I sold dope for a while, then I was busted did only 6 months, because I signed a plea bargain. Other wise I would have gotten 2-6 years in prison. I had three people sign statements against me I swore when I got out...  A month after getting out I had not gotten a job yet and someone from when I was a kid asked me if I would go to church with them, I was bored so I went and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The horrible things I had done to get high. WOW, I just cannot believe the things I put my family through, I always had the money so I never thought of myself as an addict but it was not recreational use. I pray for the people that were my "friends" out there every day.

Why do I worry about any thing? I mean I have faith that JESUS will come and rapture us. So, what’s with all the worry? I have been wondering this for some time so I figured I could bring it out who cares if my hair is messy, or my pant leg is stuck in my sock. I had the blood of the Lamb wash my sins and I have been baptized in Jesus' name Oct 2002. WOW! God doesn’t even see the things I did in the past, the things I have stolen, the times I had cursed even him! All gone. Is that something to talk about? Well how come I get all nervous thinking, "this person wont listen to me" when I see a window of opportunity to speak to an unbeliever about what He has done for me? That is the one thing I HAVE to do is witness and tell others about what Jesus can do for them.