Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Sis. McGruder was a talented songwriter and singer, but most importantly She had the Annointing of God on her life. Sometimes we slip away in our own little world questioning why things in our life are not going according to our plans, and in our flesh we react to the situations in a manner thats not always pleasing to God. God help us to take a time-out, and seek after You in all things - so that when life knocks us down, we can still look up and see things from "Heaven's Point of View".

Both in body and in mind
From where I stand to the peak
Is a distance, on my own I cannot reach
So this journey of a thousand steps begins
Right here on my knees.

Soon I'll soar like an eagle
High on wings of grace
Far into the heavens
I can almost see God's face
Rising in His splendor
to heights I never knew
What once looked like a mountain's
Just a hill, from heaven's point of view.

I may face things tomorrow
I can't comprehend today
Circumstances so uncertain often
make it hard to find the strength to pray
But I'm living in His promise
I'll never leave you, I'll always see you through
What's this mountain to an eagle flying high
From heavens point of view