Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


When you dont know what else to do, stand on His word. God understands, just stand on His word. Sis. Priscilla McGruder was a talented songwriter and singer, but most importantly She had the Anointing of God on her life. 

Stand On His Word 
I know for sure that life it can let you down 
And those voices in your head start to pound 
Tho there’s pain and woe about you 
Consider everything you’ve heard 
When you’ve done all you can stand on His Word 

When you’ve done all that you can 
Stand on His Word 
When you’ve stood all you can stand 
Do what you’ve learned 
Remember all you’ve read is true 
God said he’ll always bring you thru 
In spite of everything you’ve heard 
Stand on his word 

Like satan came to Job he’s gonna come to you 
Accusing God denying faith is true 
Yet in life’s darkest trials God understands 
Trust in His Holy Word and stand on His Word