Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Meighans Testimony

I was born into a curse of sin, bondage and suffering.  My mother an alcoholic, my father never there.  I grew up abused in every way.  Beaten, used, molested,raped and mentally battered.  By the time I was 18 years old I had already had one abortion and was pregnant for the second time.  After being repeatedly abandoned by my mother, she finally met a man in another state and left my brothers and sister and I for the last time.  My father had recently died and I moved out of the family home crushed and rejected.  



Upon the birth of Savannah AnnIlyse in 1999 I subsequently gave custody of her to my mother in order that I might go into the Navy.  My mother soon began drinking and became addicted to drugs once again.  I was told I would never see my baby again.  From 1999 to 2000 I merely existed, living homeless until I finally decided I would do something about my problems.  I became a stripper and began working for an escort service, became pregnant again and aborted my third child.  



I continued my destructive and empty lifestyle...coming home to an empty apartment every night with alot of money but no hope or love.  I truly believed this is what my life would be forever.  I then became pregnant for the fourth and final time.  I lost my car, my job, my apartment and my sanity.  I went to Oklahoma with my baby's father hoping to start over again for the last time.  This time I was abandoned at a homeless shelter inTexas 4 months pregnant and dangerously ill. Faced with losing my fourth child and having nowhere to live, no family or friends I finally cried out to the God I had thought was so far away.  I was placed in a maternity home run by YWAM-Tyler where I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I immediately cried out again, asking for healing for myself and my baby and begging the Lord to let me keep this baby.  Two weeks before Christmas in December, 2001, my great aunt called the maternity home and asked me to move to North Carolina to live with her.


 As of today, I am in the final phase of court proceedings to regain custody of now 4 year old Savannah, raising my children in the Love of Jesus Christ and I am the first generation in the history of my family to break the seemingly endless cycle of addiction and abuse that has haunted us for so long.  God has given me a family in Christ, precious, beautiful children and kept his promise that he spoke through the Psalmist David so long ago to a little girl that would not be born for many many years later....the promise that ...


I was baptized In Jesus name 2 years ago and within the last few months received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of Speaking in tongues.


"Though my mother and father foresake me, Christ will receive me..."

Psalm 27:10  


 I dedicate my testimony to the Glory of God Sharon, Melva and Esther second...without your receptiveness to the Holy Spirit, I don't know where I would be...thanks for the oranges!!! I love ya'll.....