Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 During the storm but then a testimony

By Molly Jo


Trusting in God

As of today ive been laid up in bed for over a week. Last Sunday after church I went to get in my car to go home and i noticed a pain on my tailbone when I sat down. So gradually over a few days it has gotten worse so finally my mom made me an appointment at the doc. here in Crosby and he said it was either staff infection or a cist. He said if the swellin did not go down by Monday that I need to go see a surgeon. Saturday night I was extremely! sick. I couldn’t for the life of me get to church on Sunday. So my pastor came and prayed for me etc. So Monday comes and the thing was just getting bigger to the point it was felt like the size of a tennis ball. So I got up this morning and tried to walk from another room and the pain was so bad I barely made it to my bed. I fell on one knee and my mom managed to help pull me on my bed and alls i could do was lay there and cry I hurt so bad. So my mom called the doc. office back here and Crosby and that sent a referral to a hospital and so when the hospital got it they called and said bring her in NOW! So I finally got to the car thanks be to God. I was hurting so.... bad. So we get there and you would know the elevator wasn’t working and they had no...Wheelchairs. But thank you Jesus the elevator amazingly started working. Thank you Jesus! So when we got in the elevator I started to feel like I was about to pass out again but thank you Jesus I didnt. So FINALLY! i got in to see the doctor and he said Oh My goodness...ya definitely not something you wanna here your doctor say. So he continued on to tell me that it was infected and that it was a cist that had exploded. I asked him well what would of happened if I would have waited a couple more days and he said I would of fainted from pain. He said you will be having surgery tomorrow and then in 6more months I will come back so they can remove the rest. Everyone i deeply need prayer. Ive never had surgery and im a bit scared. But I know God is always there with me. Keep me in prayer. Thank You God bless

My Testimony

As most of you know i had my surgery Wednesday afternoon. But to start from the start. The end of Tuesday my doctor told me I would be having surgery about 7:30am.So we got home and not longer after we get a call from the hospital and a lady told us that we need to be there about 2pm and so my mom said well the doctor told us 7:30 and she said you got to be there at 2 so my mom was like well ok. So Tuesday night I was praying and asking God to help me because I was honestly kind of scared and didnt know what to expect but still trying to leave it in Gods hands and so after I got done praying I opened my bible and it went to 2Cor 10:17 and it said "But he that glorieth let him glory in the Lord" .So after I read that I said ok God I know your trying to tell me something. So I ended up singing that song They that wait upon the Lord and I fell asleep singing that song. I woke up around 5am and I noticed my sheets on my bed were wet and I was like what in the world...why are my sheets wet. Well i can say Praise God! The poison etc from the cist had come out. I was so...Thankful and I know that was God answering prayers because I would not of been able to have surgery that day because of the swelling and all that was in and around the cist. All the doctor was going in to do was drain some of the fluid etc off and God took care of it. But anyways lol so it was about 10:30am wed. and my mom got a phone call from the doctor saying where are yall and my mom said what do you mean where are we? This lady called yesterday and said we are to be there at 2:00.He said who told you that? No one changed your time for your surgery. And you know I may be wrong but i believe God allowed that to happen for some reason. The doctor was able to do the whole surgery. Im so thankful our God is a on time God. I just want to thank each one of you for your prayers etc...none of this could of been possible without you! Just wanted to share my testimony and give God! The glory God Bless You All!

Love Molly Jo

I pray my testimony is a blessing to all. Most of all i want to thank God for his love and mercy. Thats what he had for me and gave me a testimony to tell other. Thank you Jesus