Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Good people are hard to find. God gives us many questions to challenge us like, "The heart is deceiteful, who can know it?" When he ask the question, "to who can know it?" God is asking an intellectual question. How can I make a good choice when I really dont know what I want, becuase I am choosing what I think I want, but my heart is seeking something that is dificult to find. Proverbs- A faithful man, who can find? Proverbs - who can find a virturious woman? It doesnt matter what the color is, if I am color blind I wont see it. If you had the right kind of heart, and mind to assest and discern maybe you would understand the person you are trying to be with is crazy. Many times we are choosing from the past. Picking the same people but in different clothes. Get yourself right with God and going through God will bring that right person to you.

WOW!! The story about Joseph.. Dont let your vision die. Your Enemies that want to destroy you. OVERCOMING!! Sometimes you have to go through pains to get to where God wants you to be. Thrown in a pit. The timing was right. God has it all planned out to get you to the next level. God has a purpose for you!! 

Having a right spirit when people treat you wrong. God wants you to have the right spirit towards your enemies. This really is very interesting. Being in a pit, thrown in a pit by your own brothers, while they talk about how to get rid of you. Sometimes the ones who are close to you are ones who want to get rid of you. BuT you need to have the right spirit towards them. God wants to take you to the next level. Sometimes we have to go through pain to get there.
I KNOW WHO I AM!! God told me who I am. Anybody who dont know who i am, they aint the one. Look in the inside. I value what God sees in me. If you cant look through my slave clothes and see that i am favored in God then you dont deserve my presence. WOW!! YOU HAVE PURPOSE!! Get through it without being bitter. The Story about Joseph.

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