Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Rosie's Testimony

The first of my testimonies is for one, that I have been born again, have received the Holy Ghost, and am saved! (Just had to give God praise for that!) I am 15 years old, and I have been in church for 2 years now. No I was never really old enough to go into the deep sinful things (alcohol addiction, drugs, etc) but my testimony is that if God hadn't found me where I was back then and at that age, I'm sure I would eventually end up there. I was a so called "Christian" but only because I believedJames 2:19-20 "Thou believest there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?" I was pretty much living on faith alone, and even though i was a "Christian" I have no doubt that I wouldn't have gone down that road of sin that so many people of this world today get stuck in, so God HAS delivered me from all those things! Thank the LORD!


      I also have 2 testimonies of healing, the first year I got into church, I got a strange rash that spread on my arms and legs. I went to the doctors one day to check it out, and after they drew blood they told me that I needed to go to the hospital immediately because I had low blood platelets. They took samples and samples of blood for testing. They told me I would probably need to stay at the hospital for a while, because low blood platelets are a dangerous thing. I was a little scared, because it was my first time going to the hospital for something serious like that, so I just put my trust in God to help me through. Well the next morning a nurse came in and told me every thing got better over the night and I could go home! Praise God for that! But the strange news was that the nurse said I could go home because my platelets had ...dropped told me that on the paper she had it said my platelets were.. HIGH and that they dropped so I could go home! Wow, that was really crazy, because I was being taken care of at the hospital so that my platelets didn't get any lower! So I still went home that they and they said if anything happens just come back to the hospital, well I guess God worked out the situation in an unimaginable & unexplainable way, because to this day ( 2 years so far) I haven't had any sign of low OR high blood platelet imbalance! (the rash also disappeared, and showed a sign of coming back since!)


        That's my first Healing experience, my second actually happened the second year I was in church. I woke up one night with horrible stabbing pains in my stomach, not like a "stomach ache" but more like the pains you get in your stomach from running for a long time, except much worse. My body was continuously and uncontrollably shaking and my whole mouth was chattering. I could barley even move because of a sharp pain, that practically "stabbed" me in my stomach every time I moved just a little. I had never felt anything like this, I was cold with chills all over me and I was so sick I was throwing up. As my friend saw what was happening (she had spent the night with me that night) she told me that one of the brothers in our church had things happen to him very much like what I had happening to me, he didn't want to go to the hospital at first, but when he finally went, the doctors said that if he hadn't came to the hospital, just a couple minutes later, his appendix would have burst, which would eventually have killed him. So I of course went to the ER! But they sure didn't act like it was "emergency" we waited about 40minutes! When we got there I immediately sat down, and covered my self with the blanket I brought with me because I was very cold (and it wasn't cold inside or anything, I was just cold for some reason) I leaned my head on the chair and covered my face in the blanket, I prayed inside that God would please take this pain away, and just make everything turn out alright! When I was called to come to the doctor, as soon as I got up from my chair, I noticed my pain wasn't as strong as it was before. I had practically no trouble walking or moving around, and I no longer felt the cold chills all over my body. When I got to the doctor, he told me to jump up and down and see if it hurt to, well it didn't, he said that usually if its your appendix it hurts too bad to be able to jump around. but I told him that just moments before I had a horrible pain that to just even walk  would cause it to hurt. The doctor couldn't explain what it would have been if it was so bad, and now just went away, he said it might have been a ruptured cyst, but wasn't very sure if it was. They took x-rays and examined, but they still didn't know what happened. Well i know what happened.. God!  God goes beyond our comprehension and sometimes the things He does cannot be explained by man. Always believe that with God anything is possible!