Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Ryans Testimony 

When I was born my mom an dad fought. My dad was an abusive alcoholic and 6 months old he hit my mom an she dropped me down the stairs and I now have a scar there. My parents got divorced... 5 yrs old diagnosed with ADHD and started taking pills for it; to many to tell.

Reunited with my dad after not seeing him for 8 years and the first words he said was "Do u have a light" ....I was in and out of school through elementary and in middle school I started fighting....parents got divorced again started getting suspended...started smoking weed an selling drugs at 13. Hit high school selling more drugs partying all the time freshman year first period science class the principal came to the door an said "Mr Parmer I need to see you in my office" as soon as I walked out I got arrested by the sheriffs deputy an detectives.. paid my way out of it through fines an using lawyers...

Started back in high school sophomore year and same old guy selling drugs partying with us on a little higher level went through school getting high and drunk started playing music more and singing in the choir more which was my release... My senior year at band camp I took a fifth of moonshine and partied all night. Got kicked out, got kicked out of band and lost a full ride scholarship for music..

Senior year started and I quit selling drugs and just partied all the time. When I graduated I was asleep in the crowd cause I was so drunk and high. I moved out of my parents for the last time when I was 18 and began living on the streets doing my own thing making more and more money selling drugs. I started exploring my options wanting to make more money so I started selling crack, coke, and pills. So at 19-20 I really began to make money about 50,000 $$ every 4-6 days. I bought 4 houses and 5 cars and had 6 people working underneath me not having to touch a thing I sat at home.

I then had my first child Ryan Jr. I slowed down a bit. I beat a guy up so bad he got life-flighted to Columbus and I went to jail. I came out and had warrants and was in and out about 9 times in the next 2 years. I then had my daughters 16 days apart, I found out when I was in out started all over again back at the bottom. Lost the houses, lost the cars, lost the money and began building my business back up and I had fallen into a deep depression an went in to a psych ward 2 times in 2008. I started cutting myself cause I couldn’t find any happiness of mind when you are still making about 3 grand every 2-3 days which started again but then losing everything.

Winter of 2009 I found myself sitting in the woods with my head resting on the barrel of a loaded 12 gauge shotgun. Letters written to my family and ready to go. When I opened the letter I wrote to my son, I read it and thought, “no I will not leave my son with a piece of paper”. So I walked out and walked into yet another hospital. Started taking 12 pills a day just to function and sleep....the cuts started getting deeper as the pain worse …

Walking down the street one day and a buddy asked me to go to church with him and I said sure ok, if I do, you cant ask me again. So I walked into the service and received God on the spot trembling in the holy ghost and speaking in tongues and I went down into a watery grave in Jesus name and came out Reborn(John 3:5, Acts 2:38)....... This all happened just 5 months ago. What a change in my life.