Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Sandra's Testimony

I lived most of my life with a wounded heart. I wasn't alone even though I didn't know it at the time. Many others live this way also. One out of two women, and one out of six men live much of their lives broken as I did.

When I was very young, my childhood innocence was destroyed by sexual abuse. My life, as I had known it, was forever changed in an instant. Forever changed and kept as a secret locked inside my wounded heart.

I learned not to trust, not to love,not to smile. I learned that I hurt, life hurt, people are hurtful and I wrapped myself up as tightly as possible in an inner world that I thought would protect me from more pain.

I stayed there for 32 years.........a very long time to be in an emotional prison whose bars and locks are just as confining and real as any made of steel. I wondered where God was and wondered why had He forgotten me.

Now, when I look back, I clearly see how, in His timing, He provided everything I needed for my spiritual survival and healing.

He sent into my life my dear friend, Ruth Doucet (who has since gone on to her reward) to love me when I was so very unloveable, showing me, through her, how He loved me.

My present pastor Bro. Terry Bushnell and his wife Sis. Junelle and my church family, to give me a place to heal and a space to grow.

My God given counselor, my precious son Brian, and last, but certainly not least, my loving husband of 38 years, Sherman. Until I met him, I never really believed that men could be loving, kind and fair. Everyday he has shown me the ever-close and ever-present Spirit of God through his commitment to me.

Fifteen years have passed since I began my healing jounery. I thank God for the change He has made in my life.....2 Co.5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come."

Yes, God has certainly created a "new" me. He has given me a new mind.
I am so thankful that I put off the "old" me and embraced the hope I found in Him. When I embraced my "new" self...a life renewed from the inside.....I found that God had put a new song in my heart..a song I want others to hear and expereince as I have......I Am Changed.....

I am Changed

In my past, I've done so many things I wish I hadn't done
and when satan comes around to condemn me
he names them one by one....
I remind him all of that, it really wasn't me
My yesterday's have died, my life is new you see
Old things have passed away, and behold all things are new
So, don't try to convince me those old lies are really true.

I've been changed by the power of the Spirit
and I live, Yet not I, but Christ lives in me
I am changed, and my soul has been set free
I am not what I used to be, nor am I what I want to be
but I'm changed, oh praise God, I am changed !

Now if it happened to me, I know it can happen to you
so if you'll listen to me, I'm gonna tell you what to do.
Don't take it sitting down, plant your feet on the
Your yesterday's have died, they're no longer around
There's a brand new hope inside, the world can't
keep it down
For that brand new hope is Christ, and in Him my life I've found......

I hope that in sharing my story that someone may read this and be able to find the hope and freedom that I found and have been living for these past 15 years.
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