Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26



My Prayer
By Shane
I'm supposed to tough just because I'm a guy.
No matter how much I hurt, I'm not supposed to cry.
I'm growing up; I'm almost a full-grown man.
I'm about to be on my own, I'm gonna take the world in my hand.

I'm supposed to be able to do this and that;
But I'm scared that I will fall on my face flat.
Lord, I know I've strayed away from you before;
But here I am now and I'm opening up my heart's door.

Jesus, I need You more than anything else in my life;
To help me with every bit of my pain and strife.
No matter what tomorrow holds, I know You'll be here.
You're beside me at all times; I have nothing to fear.

I refuse to waste my life away, then die and go to hell.
I don't care what Satan has to offer, my soul I ain't gonna sell.
Everything I have is Yours, Lord. Please use me.
I want to be the best servant for You that I can possibly be.

Let me reflect Your marvelous light.
I'm serving You from here on out with all my might.
Let my testimony be the way I live.
Allow me to show the world what living for You can give.

Living for You is the best life ever!
Could Satan give me anything to replace You? NEVER!!!!!!!
This world is nothing to me now;
To serve You the rest of my life is my solemn vow.

I want to, in Your divine plan, do my part.
Lord, I love You with my whole heart.
Words can't do You justice no matter how many Webster writes.
You stand beside me, battle my battles, and fight my fights.

Lord, this little poem could never describe how much I love You.
But remember, Lord, it is me and it's the best I can do.
Thanks for everything You have done for me!
But more than anything, I thank You for a place called Cavalry.
My Plea
By Shane Spence
I sit here and wonder, "How did it end?"
I used to be the guy everyone wanted as a friend.
Then I remember that's back when You were number one.
Lord, You and me fought battles left and right; we always won.

I don't know what has happened to me since then.
I can't even remember how long it's been,
Since I sat on the front pew and praised.
Now everyone stares at me with their eyebrows raised.

"There goes another one!" That's what they were saying.
But thank You God for a mom and dad who never stopped praying.
They kept on praying and crying;
Meanwhile, I was lost and dying.

I missed You Lord. I really and truly did.
I was stupid for keeping my true feelings hid.
But here I am Lord. Please take me back.
With Your help, I know this time I can stay on track.

I think about it all the time, even when I'm lying in my bed.
And I pray, Lord don't let me end up dead,
Before the next church night.
Because I know that I'm not living right.

It's over now. I'm through with everything the world can give.
My mind's made up. For You I will live.
I'm Yours until the day I die.
This sweet Holy Ghost is much better than anything money can buy.

Lord, I'm re-dedicating my life to You.
I will do whatever You want me to do.
It's amazing that You still love me.
Thank You God for Your long-lasting mercy.