Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26



A wonderful miracle happened to me this morning .I went to take my husband to work and the front tire on our van was very low he said for me to put some air in it or go to this tire shop that has used tires and maybe they could put our spare on for me for now until he gets paid again untillwe could a new tire .well I took him to work and as I was driving you could feel the van shaking pretty bad and the tire shop wasn't open yet. so I got out and looked and it was almost completely flat so I got in my car and drove it about a half mile thinking and praying oh Lord please let me make it to the Discount tire shop .The guy came over to my car and looked at it ,I asked him if they had a used tire and he said they didn't sell used tires and that they could put air in it or put the donut on it because it was unsafe for me to drive . I told him I didn't have the money to buy a new tire ,he said come in and well see what I can do . so I went in there and he gave me a price of course I didn't have it that much money on me ,and at first he said I'm gonna give you a new tire then you can promise to come in and pay for it later and I was like ok sure I didn't really understand what was going on yet, then he said Ill be back I'm gonna go up and get your tire because there's only three left, so he came back and I gave him my numb and address and asked him how much was it going to be ? he said nothing I'm giving it to you to help you out then he explained that this new tire was larger than my other tires because this new tire was the right size for our car .so he said just come back and see us to get your other tires here. I drove away kinda in shock this dosnt happen every day It was truly a miracle for him to give me this new tire I was worried about driving it and about finances and God took care of both those needs today. I prayed Lord bless that manager and staff at discount and pour out many blessings on them.

Also I wanted to testify of what God did for me last weekend we have been wanting to get a new couch for our living room for quit some time because the leather sectional we had was very uncomfortable because it was in six pieces any way to make a long story short we put it for sale on craigs list for 175.00 the young couple came to our house and just loved it he went to give me the money and said to me here I want to give you an even 200.00 for this couch because its such a great deal ,I was floored and so thankful it's not every day some one wants to give you more money on an asking price for something usually they would try to talk you down instead .The amazing thing is we bought it off friends of ours who moved to Alaska to minister ,for only $50.00 great deal for a black leather sectional alittle worn but still a good deal ,so we made a 125.00 off this couch . I thank God for his blessings and his miracles he dose everyday bless you all ,love in Jesus ,sister Trish