Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26



Rick's Testimony: We all had long hair, and we all hated authority, and all of us never wanted to go home. So we went to Sam Houston park and we did as our parents taught us to do. We drank alcohol, some smoked cigarettes, and all smoked pot, except for me, for some reason dope never appealed to me. However, I loved whiskey, cheap wine, and loud heavy metal music.

Matt Desmond's Testimony:  We drank, and we drank, and we drank and we drank some more. For almost an entire year I lived my life in a state of between being completely drunk and almost sober. It wouldn't be an uncommon thing for me to put away almost an entire fifth of Captain Morgan every single night. The saying in the dorms was: "Matt and the Cap'n Make It Happen." I also really enjoyed the friendships I had made too. I felt important, everyone was impressed by my ability to drink everyone else under the table. I could be so severely intoxicated that I was on the border of getting alcohol poisoning. In fact, one night, if the fire alarm in the dorm hadn't randomly gone off, I probably would have died.

Amanda's Testimony: In 2002, I was most miserable. Marriage was finished, deeply depressed, a drunk, smoked cigarettes and pot, and was not doing well at being a mum. I just wasn’t coping. Noone in my town seemed to know or care, to the world all was well. There were times when I could pretty much out drink, out spit, out cuss most men I knew.

Matt's Testimony: After he died, I went on a drinking binge and ended up in jail in Michigan. I spent 6 months there and that was enough!

Bro Greg McCool's Testimony : 2Grand of Cocaine and Whiskey.. An amazing Testimony. Once a Bar Singer and Drug Dealer delivered now for 17 years. Was an alcoholic, drug addicted man now a man used by God reaching the Lost. You have to hear this mans testimony.

Eric's Testimony: I partied all the time not wanting to be part of living like a christian. I went in the Air force in 1982,when I had an airman in basic training whose name was Andy Smith. He always witnessed to me. I never really caught on until getting drunk in 1986 for three days straight.


Carl's Testimony: Addicted about 20 years, bound by all phases of drugs and alcohol.