Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


Autumn's Testimony: . I got into many types of drugs to deal with my depression and started drinking when I was 16, my dad told me again just end your life your not my daughter I don’t care about you, so I took a few ecstasy pills and overdosed. I woke up in the hospital to see my father standing there he said if your going to overdose next time do it right....

Freddie Hidalgo Testimony - "Ex Atheist" My Testimony 7/26/13 Testimony of being delivered from suicidal thoughts. Set free from drugs, alcohol, and woman. A testimony to reach those in all areas of life. Broken childhood, broken family, and a broken life changed.

JeanSkurtz Testimony: When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with bipolar depression. I even tried to take my own life twice before I turned 18...... When we give praise we are opening doors for the Lord to fight the enemy for us!

Ryans Testimony: Lost the houses, lost the cars, lost the money and began building my business back up and I had fallen into a deep depression an went in to a psych ward 2 times in 2008. Winter of 2009 I found myself sitting in the woods with my head resting on the barrel of a loaded 12 gauge shotgun.

 None Freeman Testimony Article from Reflections Magazine: "I put my gun on my lap and started to drive there. But when I got to the Pentecostal parsonage, you were waiting for me, smiling and waving. When I went around the corner, I stopped, put the gun on the back seat, put my head on the steering wheel, and wept. I thought, I need to go to that church. That lady will feel bad if I die.

Kim's Testimony: Well, about a week after I prayed that prayer my world just crumbled! I remember the exacted date, october 12, 2009. That's the day my fiance broke off the engagement. I went into this very deep depression. When I say depression I mean depression! Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, when I did sleep the devil would make my mind his little play place and I would wake up screaming and crying and just scared to death!

Ted's Testimony: In my eyes, I was free, and I was happy to be on my own. Later, I would realized that I was heading down a dark lonelier road. That would lead me to drugs, alcohol and homelessness, and suicide a temps.

Evans Testimony: My days were spent trying to find joy or anything that would help me escape this black hole of suicidal depression that I had fallen into. Nights would pass as slow as they possibly could to make my life ten times as miserable. With my parents fighting with each other or abusing me, I looked for substance. I just knew that in this world of 6.5 billion people there had to be something that could help me.