Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Jared's Testimony:  I dove so deep into drugs my memory is absolutely wiped clean. I fried more brain cells in that year than a chef fries potatoes in his career. I was doing cocaine, weed, loratabs, xantac bars, and hydrocodone. While involved in all of this I broke into a few convenient stores and was arrested.

Danny's Testimony : ... At the time I was very much addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. I had taken just about every drug known to man......But one service the power of God fell on me....

Freddie Hidalgo Testimony - "Ex Atheist" My Testimony 7/26/13 Testimony of being delivered from suicidal thoughts. Set free from drugs, alcohol, and woman. A testimony to reach those in all areas of life. Broken childhood, broken family, and a broken life changed.

Ryans Testimony: I moved out of my parents for the last time when I was 18 and began living on the streets doing my own thing making more and more money selling drugs. I started exploring my options wanting to make more money so I started selling crack, coke, and pills. So at 19-20 I really began to make money about 50,000 $$ every 4-6 days.

Matt's Testimony: I met many people, misfits, just like myself just meandering around getting "high" on whatever was available, drinking you name it. 

Corey's Testimony:  My testimony explains HOW God changed me, and used what the devil tried to use for evil to help me grow spiritually. For one reason or another, I wanted to fit in, wanted to be loved by the world I guess I started hanging out with the wrong kind of people, and that lead to me becoming extremely far away from God. Anyways it didn't stop with cigarettes, it soon turned into marijuana, and other drugs.

Gary's Testimony:  I had trust in everything that was false and dangerous to me. I would go to AA meetings to find women; I would go to the crack house looking for acceptance. I would look for the women in the bars, places of the like. Take a drive looking for someone to accept me as I was without having to do anything special or have money to blow on Crack, Pot, Crank, and LSD ... or anything else I had done.

Bro Greg McCool's Testimony : 2Grand of Cocaine and Whiskey.. An amazing Testimony. Once a Bar Singer and Drug Dealer delivered now for 17 years. Was an alcoholic, drug addicted man now a man used by God reaching the Lost. You have to hear this mans testimony.

Monica's Testimony: We were in love (so we thought!) We were in and out of church but after 4 years of dating, 7 years of marriage, 2 kids and his 3 affairs, we divorced....I moved in with a crazy man that was into drugs and I occasionally used drugs with him..... I finally decided the only way to beat the depression was to go back to the crank, so I did. I went from snorting crank(several months) to snorting cocaine (several more months)to smoking cocaine (crack)......invited me to a Ladies conference and I jumped at the chance to go. During the Friday night service God refilled me with the Holy Ghost while worshipping him in my pew. My addictions are gone!

Kat's Testimony:  I had spent five years trying to fill my God-sized hole with drugs, alcohol, permiscuousness, and lies. I was pretty depressed with my life from middle school on, and like most confused teenagers took my anger out on my parents.........I know that nothing short of God could have gotten me away from my old lifestyle so quickly. I put down the pipe that I had been battling with for five years, and with His help I did not look back.


 Carl's Testimony: Addicted about 20 years, bound by all phases of drugs and alcohol.