Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26



"Friends, Healing, Cancer, Love, Hope" (Whats going on with me) Thank God for peace of mind and great friends..... I just kept putting it off.... I didn't think nothing much of it.. I had my check up appointment on July 28th 2011. Dr diagnosed me with cervical cancer...Through ANYTHING in this life you can have peace of mind.... I dont know all that will take place but one thing I do know is that I TRUST the ONE who has control over all situations.

Sis. Jeanie Elliot's Healing: Suffered from back pain for many years and God healed her!

Molly Jo's Testimony and Praise Report: So I got up this morning and tried to walk from another room and the pain was so bad I barely made it to my bed. I fell on one knee and my mom managed to help pull me on my bed and alls i could do was lay there and cry I hurt so bad................Thankful and I know that was God answering prayers because I would not of been able to have surgery that day because of the swelling and all that was in and around the cist.

Sister Tricia BLESSING!!: As I was driving you could feel the van shaking pretty bad and the tire shop wasn't open yet. so I got out and looked and it was almost completely flat so I got in my car and drove it about a half mile thinking and praying oh Lord please let me make it to the Discount tire shop. AND anoter blessing...... long story short we put it for sale on craigs list for 175.00 the young couple came to our house and just loved it he went to give me the money and said to me here I want to give you an even 200.00 for this couch

God Took $3000.00 AWAY: For three days I was suffering in pain. When I would pee, only blood and chunks of blood would come out. I could barely stand up at certain times because of the pain so bad. A week later I received my bill from the hospital. The total cost was $2880.50. THEN.....THEN.....THEN.... I got another bill. WHAT? Another bill? I thought it was all covered.

 Live Life To The Fullest - Charles: When he turned, he turned right into the path of a fast moving Chevy Avalanche. The Avalanche hit the passenger side of the car, my side, jamming me into a small space between the door and the center console. The accident put me into a coma instantly, and the coma lasted about a month.