Earth Shaking, Doors Opening, & Breaking Free! Acts16:26


 Tuan's Testimony: My dad was a Vietnam war veteran when he fled from Vietnam and went to Thailand and there he met my mom, and it was there in Chonburi Thailand of 1991 that I was born. In 1993, when I was 2 years old we were able to travel to America in hope of a better life.......... I was in cooking class and I kept pestering my teacher about something, but I didn't know I was pestering a Apostolic Holy Ghost filled lady. And She begin to tell me about the LORD and back then I didn’t know what I felt but I’m sure now that it was the HOLY GHOST that begin to move upon me as she spoke the Word of the LORD (Acts 10:44). GLORY TO GOD! After that I went to Peace Tabernacle for About 1 month and received that Revelation that JESUS IS LORD!

Chad's Testimony: I remember times growing up I was embarrassed of my faith. I never cherished Truth. The reason I never cherished this was due to me having a love for the world. That love believe it or not was (Sports). During my second year at college I had recently received the Holy Ghost.

Shawna's Testimony: As I grew older something happened. Its like the Devil got a hold of me. It was about the seventh grade when the real trouble started. I picked the wrong people to hang out with. My friends were all atheists; some even called themselves ‘Wicca’, which is a form of witchcraft.

Kayla Gammer's Testimony:  I got the Holy Ghost in September 2006, and immediately rebelled and ignored God completely. I didn’t want to give my life to anyone and definitely didn’t want to have to change anything about me because in my eyes I was really living large.

Arnold's Testimony: At the age of 8 my parents separated. I was so hurt inside and didn't know where to put the pain. I soon buried all my sorrows deep within myself as I went on with life. My father remarried when I was 11. I thought that my new stepmother would be the answer to all that I had buried within myself. It is not fair to expect anyone to fill those empty and void parts of our lives. I soon realized that this would not happen.......... Sinking into a lifestyle of depression and despair I found myself looking to Jesus as the only answer (Acts 4:12). God filled me with the Holy Ghost and I began speaking in a new and glorious language as the Spirit of God gave me the utterance. It happened just as I had been shown in Acts chapter 2.

Pearl's Testimony: Then the preached word came forth this morning. It was about Naaman, a captain of the guards of Syria. He was a leper. He wanted God to heal him but when the man of God told him to dip in the Jordan 7 times, he got mad. I thought his arrogance would keep him from getting a miracle and the more I thought on this the more convicted I became. Then every thought God made me hang on too became a puzzle that was being solved right before my eyes. I could see the word HYPROCRITE being solved and a picture of someone coming forth.

Sarah's Testimony: At age 15, I was doing a horrible job in school. I missed so many days and I was more than likely not going to graduate. God had a plan for my life that I did not yet see. One day while driving by a UPC church, I seen a sign that said, " Now enrolling k-12".. I don’t know why but I instantly told my mom I wanted to go there........ It was then that I received the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost. It felt wonderful. I never felt so great! I wanted to get baptized that day but my mom said to wait to invite my dad. So due to that I wasn’t baptized until 2 yrs later when I finally said Ive gotta do this, I cant wait any longer. I knew it had to be done. Going down in the water and coming up was the most wonderful clean feeling.

Mike's Testimony: I was living with one foot in the world, and one foot in the church. I needed my world to change. There was a part of me that liked to feel accepted, and another that liked the danger of dancing with sin. What was I thinking? I was going to church on Sunday and Wednesday; and partying and drinking with my buddies, on the other days.

Daveys Testimony: To start out with the testimony. I can say I was born and raised in church. Many can say that they where born and raised in church too. I lived my whole life not knowing what it was like to drink or to smoke and all that stuff they said would make you cool.

Amy's Testimony: Growing up I always felt emptiness in my heart. Therefore, I went looking for things to fill that emptiness I felt. I started doing this right after I turned 15. I met my first boyfriend who was 19 at the time. I had love, affection, acceptance, and happiness at that time. However, it only last so long until the bad came in and you start searching again......During that week while I was cleaning my room I was praying, thanking God for everything He has brought into my life. I started to pray and that weird language came out of my mouth. Not even knowing what it was I stopped and finished cleaning my room. Next weekend I got baptized on April 14th for the remission of my sins in Jesus Name (Acts2:38). More and more I prayed the more I seemed to pray in tongues and learned that I received the Holy Ghost, which is promised to them that believe.

Martin's Testimony: I hope this helps. This is my experience. The whole time I was not in church I was not happy. I would do things that were not good. When I got into church everything changed for the better and I hope that things continue to get better and better.

Rosie's Testimony: The first of my testimonies is for one, that I have been born again, have received the Holy Ghost, and am saved! (Just had to give God praise for that!) I am 15 years old, and I have been in church for 2 years now. No I was never really old enough to go into the deep sinful things (alcohol addiction, drugs, etc) but my testimony is that if God hadn't found me where I was back then and at that age, I'm sure I would eventually end up there. I also have two testimonies of Healing.

Kristen's Testimony: Well I grew up in a Catholic family. Those who were not Catholic were either Methodist, or Presbyterian. I thought I was doing everything right. I went to church, I gave a Few dollars, and I prayed for my family. I never knew there was so much more. So I got interested. But my family told me that I wasn't allowed to go. That they would brain wash me. But God led me through and On February 23, 2003, I was baptized in Jesus name, and I Joined the church choir.

Gbenga Testimony: I am Gbenga, the son of Amos, the son of Adeleke, the son of Bintu and the son of Olatunji. A citizen of Nigeria. On the month of August 1988, we could no loner eat and good food anymore, we couldnt pay the house rent anymore, and so, we had to pack out. My dad sold out all the remaining goods we had, yet couldnt save us. Someone came from a church, ministered to me, that same day I renounced all my past deeds and face God as His is and as I was. I got born again in the year 1992, August 22. I got baptized in the same year Dec. 20 and I got baptized in the Holy Ghost immediately after my conversion on a Sunday service